<html>  <head>  </head>  <body>    <div align="right"><i>Photo by Charlene Helm</i>    </div>    <p>    </p>    <p>    The Shady Creek Gardens and Ponds shop recently relocated to an Omak location. They carry a variety of pond a

Shady Creek Gardens and Ponds now open in Omak

OMAK – A long-time Okanogan shop has a new home off Omak Road in Omak.

Shady Creek Gardens and Ponds recently moved to 388 Omak Road, about a half mile east of the Wal-Mart in Omak.

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<p align="right"><i> Photos by Amy Veneziano</i></p><p>    Crews from Tonasket, Oroville and Omak were at the fire at various times Tuesday. However, fires in Omak and Okanogan quickly left the north county on their own, when the Omak crew had to head bac

Ty Olson Construction a total loss after July 1 fire

TONASKET – The building housing Ty Olson Construction, Inc. was a total loss in a fire July 1.

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<p align="right"><i> Photo by Gary DeVon</i></p><p>    My GS on assignment at Lost Lake Campground while covering Oroville students on their Pioneer Trail Ride.</p>

Out of My Mind 2

High gas prices got you down? Get a bike

&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; Just a few minutes staring out the window of our Main and Central office will tell you there is a new trend in the area – people trading four wheels for two. Sure, it is summer, but gas prices seem to be the main influence on what folks are driving, or should I say riding, nowadays.

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Photo by Joe Somday	A Department of Natural Resources plane drops retardant on areas near a fire off Canyon Spur Road east of Oroville. The fire was started by fireworks July 4.

Fires burn elsewhere in county but no serious property damage reported

NORTH COUNTY – Lightning storms, dry grass and fireworks proved too much for the desert landscape to take last week.

More than 350 ground strikes by lightening from Cle Elum to the Canadian border set off dozens of regional fires, including several in the Okanogan and Oroville areas, according to Central Washington Interagency Communications Center

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<p align="right"><i> Photo by Gary DeVon</i></p><p>    GOOD DAY TO BE A COWBOY - A little bull pen action was taking place above the chutes. The Chesaw Fourth of July Rodeo has attracted cowboys (and cowgirls) over several gener

Chesaw cowboys take top honors at Fourth of July Rodeo

CHESAW – Stewart Leslie and Jake Nelson, both from Chesaw, won Senior All Around Cowboy and Junior All Around Cowboy honors, respectively, at the 66th Annual Chesaw Fourth of July Rodeo last Friday.

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Letters to the Editor Week 28

Letters from cyberspace

&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp;&amp;nbsp; In a July 2nd Publisher’s response to a letter from John Mitchell of Eugene, Ore. you opined, “Personally, I prefer our system….

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Alfred L. Diset

Alfred ‘Al’ L. Diset, age 93, passed away peacefully on July 1, 2008 after having a brief but courageous battle with cancer.

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Kenneth M. Gideon

Ken Gideon passed away on June 21, 2008 at the age of 73 after a lengthy illness.

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Lawrence ‘Larry’ Edward Rise

On the morning of Saturday, Dec. 22, 2007, Larry went to meet the Lord, passing away peacefully in his home surrounded by his family.

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Letters to the Editor 2

So many differentways of being right

Dear Editor,

To Whom itmay concern: “Chrono-synclastic Infundibula-justimagine that your daddy is the smartest man who ever lived on earth and heknows everything there is to find out and he is exactly right about everythingand he can prove he is right about everything. Now imagine another little childon some nice world a million light years away and that little child’s Daddy isthe smartest man who ever lived on that nice world so far away. And he is justas smart and just as right as your Daddy is. Both Daddies are smart, and bothDaddies are right. Only if they ever met each other they would get into aterrible argument, because they wouldn’t agree on anything. Now, you can saythat your Daddy is right and the other little child’s daddy is wrong, but theUniverse is an awfully big place. There is room enough for an awful lot ofpeople to be right about things and still not agree.

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Tonasket school board feeling high fuel prices

TONASKET – The air-conditioned school board room was the place to be while temperatures scorched outside last Monday night.

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