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Suspect arrested in death of Tonasket man

TONASKET – A man suspected of killing another man at the Roundup in Tonasket on Saturday, March 21, was arrested in Loomis by the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Department.

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Man charged with attempted murder in Oroville

OROVILLE – A man was arrested and charged with attempting to murder Bradley Keener, Oroville, by hitting him with a propane tank and slashing his face with a knife.

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Increased police presence at Oroville Schools due to perceived threat

OROVILLE – The Oroville School District announced it will have a greater presence of law enforcement on Tuesday, Feb. 4 due to a perceived student-to-student threat in a text message.

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Police Chief Todd Hill resigns from Oroville Police Department

OROVILLE – After 16 years with the Oroville Police Department, Police Chief Todd Hill tendered his letter of resignation at the Tuesday, Jan. 21 city council meeting.

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Border crackdown on Iranian travelers was a local initiative, CBP whistleblower says

By Patrick Grubb, Publisher
The Northern Light Newspaper
A Blaine-area Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer says the recent “extreme vetting” of travelers with Iranian backgrounds occurred under the direction of Blaine port managers. The allegation was revealed by local immigration attorney Len Saunders, a frequent commentator on border issues.

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Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber

Maycumber legislation would increase law enforcement, improve training and allow more officers in underserved communities

OLYMPIA – A package of bills introduced today in Olympia would streamline and improve law enforcement training, increase the number of training classes available for new recruits, and provide more opportunities for law enforcement in underserved areas.

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Suspect in home invasion arrested with stolen property

OROVILLE – An Oroville man, suspected of breaking into an occupied Oroville home in the 400 block of Main Street last week was arrested when a search of his vehicle revealed he had property stolen from the home in his possession.

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Lance Bowers

Tonasket man charged with murder in connection to body found in trunk

OKANOGAN – A Tonasket man has been charged in the death of his wife, Angela M. Bowers, whose remains were found in the trunk of a burned out car in Aeneas Valley last June.

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Oroville man booked for manslaughter in fatal shooting

OROVILLE – An Oroville man who called the sheriff’s office Thursday to report a hunting accident was arrested for manslaughter in the second degree when Ashley Nelson, Oroville, was found dead at the scene.

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Woman suing Okanogan County over result of Immigration Detainer Request

SEATTLE – On Oct. 9, Maria del Rayo Mendoza Garcia filed a lawsuit against Okanogan County for unlawfully detaining her in March 2019. Okanogan County detained Ms. Mendoza based solely on a detainer request from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) despite federal court decisions that make clear state and local officials have no authority to arrest or detain people for immigration purposes.

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