The newest consumer fraud: the Internet

Last week the City of Cashmere, which is nearly broke, announced it will be spending $14,975 to develop a new city website. That might seem like an insignificant expenditure, but the problem is the costs don’t end there. There is the ongoing charge of $200 per month for hosting the site and apparently no one has attempted to quantify the cost of city staff tasked with the responsibility for updating and maintaining the site.

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Out of My Mind 18

Thanksgiving: A time to reflect

While everything might not be perfect and for some life maybe a real struggle at times, Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on thethings that make us truly grateful. It is a tradition that has its roots goingback to the Pilgrims who came here in the early 17th Century looking for areligious freedom they could not find in England at the time.

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Many things to give thanks for this year

It is sometimes hard to find things to be thankful for as we approach the end of a difficult year, however, it is especially important at these troubling times that we take time to be thankful

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Out of My Mind 17

Oroville Chamber looking for fresh faces


The Oroville Chamber of Commerce is looking for a few freshfaces to help build up the organization to better serve the local businesscommunity. Without some help the group may go the way of other organizationslike the Oroville Kiwanis, which folded a few years back.

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November 2 was a good start: liberals still in denial

Voters spoke loud and clear last Tuesday for those willing to look and listen. Taxes are too high and the socialist agenda of the left is just wrong for the U.S.

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Out of My Mind 16

Election results: More of the same in store for the country

Thereare a lot of people pointing to the recent mid-term elections as a sign thatthere is a growing dissatisfaction with the Democratic and Republican Parties.They feel that just throwing the bums out things will return to normal,whatever that is.

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Time to get our troops out of Afghanistan

Leaving our troops in harms way while tying their hands in ways that make it impossible for them to win is immoral. We should have learned that lesson from Viet Nam.

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Election time: last minute roundup

By the time this is printed many of you will have already voted. But for those sitting on the fence I thought I would offer my last words on the subject for this year. Nearly everyone who reads me regularly knows I am for dumping all of the incumbents for a new beginning. One that will hopefully send a message to politicians of all stripes that they cannot just say whatever they need to say to get elected, then do whatever they want when they get in office. The more I watch the last minute ads, the more I am convinced we need to be strong and reject all current office holders. The lies and distortions in those ads should be all the evidence we need of their total lack of integrity.

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Initiatives reflect voter anger over expanding government

Voters this year face a flood of citizen sponsored Initiatives that are intended to limit the power of our out of control state government. And the ads against some of these Initiatives would have you believe that only government can protect you from the rapacious practices of evil businesses like AIG, BP, or convenience stores that will sell liquor to your children. But the reality is it is the dictatorial practices of our state elected officials that have created this flood of citizen sponsored legislation.

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Out of My Mind 15

NorthCounty a big focus of candidate’s debate

Perhaps the ears of North County residents should be burningafter a recent candidates’ debate held in Okanogan. This part of the valleyseemed to be the focus of some tough questions by those asking the questions ofthe would-be commissioner and treasurer.

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