Firings a 'lame drain' not 'brain drain'

It’s easy to believe the sob story about the Tribal Tribune Editor leaving on “principle.” It’s also lazy to believe that – Think about it!

It’s just not true. That editor, like others in the past, was not worth the salary, we can see that in the product. Just for starters, the guy couldn’t even remember to take his camera on cross-country assignments – duh! The council or his supervisor wouldn’t fire him.

Besides, we all know that the CCT Tribal Tribune never really amounted to “free speech” and was more of a systematic form of propaganda enabling the Tribal Council black-heart-insiders to spread their own poison.

My personal complaint is the editor himself was a tool for censorship. I wrote an editorial for August 2007 and was told for more than six months that it was “going into next month’s edition.” He finally got caught by a supervisor who called him on it. He couldn’t even print a paid ad about reducing the Council to 5, “Initiative 541.”

Just like lots of other employees who lost their salary for good reason because they weren’t doing their job, like the former editor, they whine as if they ever earned their salary — 95% of the lot of them never produced an honest day’s work, ever and many are just mean, hate-filled jerks and bullies.

The reductions in force is not a brain drain, it is a “lame drain.” Bye-bye lame!

We have to find sensible direction.

Why do we re-elect Council who are selfish — mean enough to purchase the Omak Wood Products, now CIPV, the CCT “Black” home where cash disappears? It wasn’t stupidity; they were fully advised of the stupidity of the proposal. No, follow the money, who benefited? Mess T Omache – boy and his non-Indian investor parasites.

Ron Zacherle