Ken making amazing progress

I am writing this letter to let all of you know how Ken is doing, but also in response to the gossip mongers in the town who feel it is more exciting to spread exaggerated half-truths or, in some cases, totally false stories. It is very upsetting when I call home and hear rumors are flying about his condition including a rumor that he has died! Please don’t speak unless you know the facts! Rumors can be very hurtful and upsetting especially in such an emotional and trying time.

Ken had another open-heart surgery on Jan. 22. It was a difficult surgery but his doctors pulled off a miracle and replaced his defective mitral heart valve again and his heart is working fine! He is amazing everyone with his progress. He is still in the cardiac intensive care unit at Sacred Heart in Spokane and has a long way to go but is making progress every day. He will be able to come home and continue his life in Oroville, hopefully very soon.

Vivian Taylor