Grateful to those who gave blood

January 17, the American Red Cross team, Tonasket High School student volunteers and the Tonasket Americorps members hosted the 11th Annual THS Blood Drive.

I would like to thank all those community members that took time out of their busy schedules to donate blood. I would also like to applaud the handful of first time donors for deciding to give to gift of life.

The THS student and Americorps volunteers made sure all donors were made welcome, by serving a light meal at the conclusion of the donation process consisting of homemade chili and soup, with freshly baked cookies for dessert. Thanks again to Grants Market for graciously supplying four types of real juices, and a diverse array of vegetables to munch. They were greatly appreciated by the donors.

Many people I’ve talked with have recently said they hadn’t thought about giving blood for a variety of reasons. Most likely in the near future you or someone you know will need donated blood products to sustain life. For every unit of blood donated up to three people can be supplied with blood components in their time of need. Thanks to all of you who gave blood and to those who tried to, 47 units of blood were collected on Jan. 17.

The American Red Cross organization continues to streamline their procedures during blood draws, to alleviate long waiting periods within the donation process. It takes only one hour out of your life to donate blood. If you have given blood recently, thank you. If it’s been a while since you’ve donated blood or you’ve never don so, please consider joining those who save lives on a regular basis. The next local drive will be in April. Watch for the posters displaying a large red cross for the next date, time and location. If you’re unsure whether you are eligible to become a donor, just call 1-800-GIVE LIFE, and ask an American Red Cross employee to direct your call to someone that can answer your questions or have them send you a first time donor information packet. Please consider starting a new personal tradition — donating blood. Your life may depend on it.

Cathie Dinkins