New ideas, what new ideas?

You have to laugh when you hear former governors Mitt Romney and Mike

Huckabee say if elected they will bring fresh faces and new ideas to Washington. Didn’t we hear that from former governors Carter, Reagan,

Clinton and Bush?

When recently asked who his foreign policy advisors were Mike Huckabee named three men two of which are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and one, Richard Haass, is President of the CFR. CFR members have filled key positions in every administration since FDR and Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Bush Sr. and Clinton were actual members.

Candidate Richard Nixon wrote an article for the October 1967 issue of the CFR journal, Foreign Affairs , making himself acceptable to the Washington Insider Establishment. So it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney,

Rudy Guliani, Barak Obama, John Edwards, John McCain and Mike Huckabee have all written recent essays in Foreign Affairs.

So if you don’t like the CFR’s old ideas of big government, high taxes, more spending, massive budget deficits, merger into the North American Union and open borders, take a look at Ron Paul at www.Ron Paul

Steve Dunham