Left cold by new benches

These comments are not intended as criticism, just a little advice. Our town benches are not quite what we require. When I see one I imagine “The Cat in the Hat” and “Sam I Am” sitting there waiting for a bus. They are straight out of Dr. Seuss artwork. Here’s a thought, let’s paint them “nugget” gold for our centennial celebration.

Currently they are like sitting on a block of ice. I recently sat on one and for a moment I felt like I had three Adam’s apples. Not only cold, they require old-school posture. Perhaps they should have been at a slight tilt and heated when the thermometer drops below 50 degrees. Or go back to the missing, post office style slat wood bench – useful and comfortable at any temperature.

I understand money matters made the current benches economically a good choice, but where’s the practicality? They were made for a year-round warm climate, like Miami. Or seasonal use in a garden with gnomes guarding each side. Not in climatically diverse Oroville, or requiring soldier type posture. Oh wait, this is the Bush era, sorry.

By the way, nice touch with the silhouettes on the Centennial Park fence. They eye-catching decorations are a sharp contrast to the prior bland, nothingness on the portion of Main Street.


Dan Dixon