Self-awareness cannot be given

We often hear someone say, “I understand and will help you understand what you are feeling, etc.”

No one can deliver that understanding to another. It is a crucial self-responsibility for personal power, the key to competence and prosperity in a competitive world.

When awareness is conjured up by others, it leads a person drifting from reality, increasing, unawareness and unhappiness. Any “authority” to have an awareness of another person is impossible. Self-awareness cannot be given from one person to another. However, by reflecting personal values, one can enhance in any individual person can never be exactly understood or fully known by any other person.

The basic requirement for any valuable human relationship is the exchange of tangible values. Non-productive people often contemptuously attack competitive, tangible and material values. For, only by attacking those values can they conceal their parasitism and failure to fulfill their responsibilities toward producing desirable, competitive values for others and society.

The exchange of values measures the value of relationships and is sustained with rational thought and constant effort.

The biggest little “town” of Chesaw is the perfect example of relationships sustained with rational thought and constant effort. I am always sad to learn of the many in the valley who have never ventured to visit Chesaw. In winter for the lovely winter landscape, in late spring when all is green and in mid summer when one can suddenly be surrounded by a meandering bed of buttercups along Meyers Creek in the thick of the trees, so bright and stunning. Tread not further for it would be as one stepping on to the sun. The beauty of nature, a value to be shared.

Respectfully submitted

Marya Silverthorn