Time for 'Made in USA'

Have you been reading labels? Made in China. Made in China! Where are the milinary, clothing giants, shoemakers and other manufacturers? Did we have to give them all away for the good (?) of the global economy?

I remember 60 to 75 years ago when the labels read, “Made in Japan.” Today we are partners with Japan, but not before some cataclysmic events. The prodigious population in China strives to compete and surpass western culture and, whether subterraneously or overtly, I anticipate that China will be or perhaps, may already be side by side with Japan and the U.S. as primary contenders. Competitive stances may cause the U.S. to struggle, covet and hold its numero uno position. People make a country strong. Chinese are loyal, humble, disciplined, educated, discerning, eager and proud. Alertness of activities and caution should always be the key in all new partnerships for the examination of intentions that may appear promising but sometimes bare bitter fruit.

It’s time to start collecting tags that read “Made in the USA.” They may become rare and valuable as have become things like the old brownie box camera, manual typewriters, sit-down phones and, oh yes!…High-neckline-below-knee dresses. There was a time when a woman’s upper frontal torso was conservatively suggestive but sans dominance; and when the ankle below a skirt reigned supreme: as to China, an entante cordial.

Respectfully submitted,

Marya Silverthorn