PhenQ Diet Pills Review (Risky Scam Warning!)

A countless number of people are struggling to lose extra body weight. Research in 2018 discovered that at least 42.4 percent in US over twenty years of age were entirely obese. From the past pandemic years, overweight & obesity have also become vulnerable across the whole universe. Today, people are pressed for time, resulting in unhealthy eating habits that produce tons of fat cells in their bodies and result in some extra fat.

Are you willing to lose weight? In this modern society, obesity and weight gain is a large issue, and this is not so easy to deal with, whether that is actually losing the weight by taking supplements or exercising or just by talking about this & searching for some advice. Even if you are also starting down the exact road ahead, this is just full of some uncertainties, and doubt, challenges & a bit of little suffering. If you are suffering from overweight issues, then you should immediately start a weight loss journey.

Losing weight is not easy work. Being overweight also complicates your life. This tends to crush self-esteem & also causes some specific moments of social anxiety and depression just because you differ from the normal in a negative way that this seems so much easy to change from the specific perspective of the outsider. Nowadays, everyone wants to lose excess body fat.

On top of it, this simply is unhealthy. Being overweight has a huge amount of side effects that can easily affect your health. This also ranges from high blood pressure, heart issues, stroke, blood clots, asthma, diabetes, sundry cardiovascular problems & so forth. This list does not actually end here, and a great number of them can also be more fatal.

There is so much misinformation out there, from the specific diets which actually do not work to the plan of exercise which steals your maximum money to the weight loss capsules that actually lie to you. So at first, you have to be sure about the product on which you are going to spend your money. We will provide information about effective weight loss supplements.

This unbiased PhenQ review will give you a better understanding of how their supplements can bring you the best results while not causing any side effects. These are not the kind of supplements that usually contain stimulants. PhenQ supplements are designed to help you to lose your extra weight, with the natural remedies which work by telling the human body how to fix this problem. With PhenQ dietary supplements, everyone should maintain their exercise routine.

Here, we will discuss PhenQ fat burners and their ingredients, the downsides, and how to best use them. Read on if you’re serious about losing weight…

Before we head towards the main part, let us introduce you to some basic but important supplement facts about the PhenQ:

Brand Description
Name: PhenQ
Featured Products:
  • PhenQ Weight Loss Pills
  • PhenQ Complete Meal Shake
  • Customer Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Weight loss supplements based on scientifically researched formulas
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients
  • Created in an FDA and GMP certified facilities
  • Free shipping and heavy discounts on bulk orders
  • No need for a prescription to use PhenQ supplements
  • Return Policy: 60 days money return guarantee
    Reach Them:
  • Call on: +1 (646) 513 2632
  • Email: support@PhenQ.com
  • What Is PhenQ?

    PhenQ is a renowned name in the weight loss supplement market. The company offers high-quality weight loss supplements that help people reduce excess body weight and make their life easier and healthier.

    Unlike other supplement companies, PhenQ has no large list of products. Instead, they offer you two weight reduction formulas that are far better than taking a number of supplements for fat loss. PhenQ’s first supplement is a diet pill that combines the power of five different pills into one capsule. Another is Complete Meal Shake, replacing ones meal and providing users with essential nutrients that they can’t get from foods. In this review, we will be discovering both of them.

    So without any delay, let’s get started!

    PhenQ Fat Burner Pills

    Description of the product
    Formulation: Pills
    Backed By: 60-day money-back guarantee
    Each box contains: 60 capsules
    Right Serving: Two capsules
    Components that Work:
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • α-Lacys Reset®
  • Nopal 20mg
  • Capsimax
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Benefits to health:
  • Boost your metabolism and burn fat
  • Prevent fat accumulation
  • Suppress appetite and food cravings
  • Increase mood and energy levels
  • Other Advantages:
  • Made under good manufacturing practices
  • Developed in an FDA-approved facility
  • Science-backed ingredients in PhenQ are pure
  • Negative Effects: Not reported any
    Cost Per Bottle: Starting from $69.95
    Where To Buy: Visit the official product website PhenQ.com

    What Exactly Is PhenQ Pill?

    According to the official website, Phenq is an advanced dietary supplement that contains organic ingredients which normally work together to help to burn fat, promote appetite suppression & improve metabolic methods.

    The PhenQ weight loss supplement also normally contains six clinically approved natural elements that will also make this healthy and safe for every person trying to lose extra weight. Unlike another dietary drug for weight loss, this actual diet pill works to lose the extra fat in the five-way approach. So this is also considered one of the most suitable fat loss supplements.

    PhenQ is the new and improved weight loss product that normally claims to promote fat burn and avoid fat accumulation by restricting the appetite of the user. The formulators say their formula normally encourages energy improvements & enhances the exact amount of fat burned. As reported by the website of PhenQ, the formula is also meant to be utilized regularly, and this gradually can reach up to two to five kilograms of weight loss every month. Let’s dig out the actual reality in this particular post of PhenQ reviews:

    The Food and Drug administration & its research and editorial team has also marked this supplement as the best in this market.

    How does this diet pill actually work?

    Phenq weight loss pills support weight loss in a sound and safe method. The actual natural ingredients also make this different from some other weight loss supplements. Below are the actual five ways in which this helps to enhance the weight loss process for customers.

    This PhenQ diet pill works as the actual fat burner, energy booster, and appetite suppression formula to provide you with a lean body & increase muscle mass also. The pure and natural ingredients in this formula are also backed by scientific research & also proven to guide people to burn their excess fat. This supplement also carries a lot of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate has been shown to help people lose fat by making them feel fuller faster, so they consume fewer calories than they would without this supplement.

    The website of this product normally claims that the unique blend is very much effective & also can cut down the body weight by 7.24 percent & at the same time can enhance the muscle mass by 3.80 percent. During the blending method, the manufacturers also ensure to utilize every pure element so customers do not have any kind of side effects on their health. And the potent ingredients can improve the chance of losing the stored body fat safely and easily. They can also make this formula under the specific guidance of the healthcare experts & the fitness experts’ teams to keep the health paramount of the users.

    This completely halts the fat production within the human body.

    Just keep this in your mind, to lose the excess fat & weight, the human body has to stop producing some new fat. According to an official website, these PhenQ diet pills normally block fat production & also storage by deactivating certain enzymes which stimulate the specific fat production & the storage process. PhenQ weight loss supplement will help to lose weight without any side effects. It can accelerate the fat-burning process. This particular pill contains some specific ingredients that actually stimulate the exact production of certain enzymes, which normally speeds up the actual metabolic & fat-burning rate. Also, this can manage calorie intake. This can help to lose excess body fat. This action also doubles the resting metabolic rate, so it burns maximum calories every day. Also, this has a thermogenic effect on the human body. The exact process assists one in burning maximum calories every day. Burning the excess fat will help you to lose weight.

    Suppress Appetite and decrease the sugar cravings

    Suppressing food cravings is the hardest method in fat burning. The majority of people also struggle to minimize their actual food intake, so discovering this is hard to shed excess weight. The natural ingredients in this PhenQ diet pills normally boost the actual release of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin that help to minimize emotional eating. This product will help you in your weight loss journey.

    Provide a boost to the energy levels

    PhenQ supplement boosts energy levels by fastening the specific fat-burning process. This specific process helps you to fight against fatigue which is also brought about while dieting. This particular fat burner will enhance energy levels and also insist you lose weight.

    Enhances the good mood

    Excessive weight gain can cause mood swings. People tend to become irritable without a proper diet and exercise. The main ingredients in this fat burner normally stimulate the human brain to release dopamine and serotonin, which help to improve the mood and energy level of a person. This also combats tiredness, making a person feel more energetic while dieting. This specific process improves the mood also. Most weight loss supplements can have a negative impact on the desired result, but this supplement does not have any negative impact.

    What Are the Effective Ingredients In PhenQ?

    Here were are giving some active ingredients utilized to make this leading Exipure product:

    Capsimax powder

    This powder is the actual combination of piperine, niacin, and capsicum to increase free fatty acids in the body. And capsicum, well known as chili pepper, is the extract of the capsicum plant. This normally contains the chemical known as capsaicin. Piperine is the major alkaloid that comes from P. longum fruits. Also, this is a good antioxidant that erases free radicals from the human body. Also, it prevents the formation of new fat cells.

    A-Lacys Reset

    A-Lacys Reset is the combination of cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. Alpha-lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant that can be found in green vegetables, red meat, and organ meats. Alpha-lipoic acid helps fight off free radicals, which are unstable molecules that cause inflammation in the body. A-Lacys Reset helps to regulate glucose levels in the human body.


    L-Carnitine Fumarate

    This is the naturally occurring amino acid found especially in red meat & also helps the human body to burn the fat & convert this into energy. This amino acid is the essential component of brain and heart function, muscle movement & some other body techniques. Furthermore, the essential amino acids assist the human body in making lean muscle mass & and regulating functions of fatty acids. It transfers the fatty acids to the mitochondria.

    Chromium picolinate

    Chromium picolinate or mineral chromium can be found in various dietary products. The chromium picolinate is also attached to these three molecules of picolinic acid. This is discovered in low doses in many foods & also plays a major role in metabolism. Chromium picolinate may also lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, reduce muscle cramps, and relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia syndrome.


    Nopal is a type of cactus that grows in Mexico and the United States. It helps promote fat burn due to its high fiber content. Taking 20 mg of nopal cactus fiber each day helps keep up the user’s energy levels and blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of fluid retention. Furthermore, Nopal helps to flush fluids from your body into your bloodstream, inhibiting weight gain from fluid retention. Also, Nopal is rich in antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and can slow down the aging process.

    The benefit of taking these weight loss pills

    The PhenQ weight loss supplement is very beneficial for healthy weight management and all body types because it contains all-natural ingredients for burning fat and offering you a healthy lifestyle.

    This formula actually contains nopal and chromium ingredients which help decrease food cravings and burn fat. Also, this helps control the blood sugar levels & ignore some unwanted weight gain methods.

    Burning extra fat is the key function of the specific dietary product. This helps to burn the stubborn fat & prevent an accumulation of some new ones in the human body, especially on the thighs and stomachs.

    While dieting, maximum people tend to feel exhausted due to small carbohydrates. The product normally contains caffeine & some other active elements which make you stay focused & active. Losing weight is the main thing to improve the mood and energy levels.

    It helps to improve mental health and also helps to boost metabolism. This dietary product normally contains some active natural ingredients which help to improve the health of the human brain.

    The science behind this PhenQ

    The main ingredients in PhenQ weight loss pills are backed with scientific research and evidence.

    Some of the elements such as a-Lacys Reset and Capsimax also can be discovered in maximum weight dietary supplements. The makers also claim that this is entirely a unique blend of A-Lacys Reset that combines all of these natural and pure ingredients in the actual quantity to assure weight loss in a healthy manner. The main benefit of this product is that it can super support you to lose stored fat.

    The compound Capsimax is present in the PhenQ supplement. The active ingredient in capsimax, capsaicin, has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective. Capsaicin supplements decreased body weight percentages and fat mass, according to this 2018 study. Study subjects ages 18 to 56 were given either capsaicin supplements or placebo supplements for 12 weeks. Those taking capsaicin supplements lost more stored fat than those taking placebos.

    The most potent ingredient of these weight loss pills, L-carnitine, also has been known for its properties of increasing weight loss efforts in clinical trials. During the study, adults were provided the exact dosage of this L-Carnitine, then also examined their weight and BMI.

    PhenQ dietary supplement also contains Nopal. According to a study published in 2014, nopal fiber can aid in the excretion of dietary fat. The study involved 20 healthy volunteers who were given nopal cactus supplements or a placebo, after which their excretions were examined. Nopal cactus intake resulted in much higher fat excretion than placebo. Therefore, the fat in the Nopal physically pushes waste from your body for healthy weight loss.

    If you check the official website then, you can see that you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee on this particular product. You can get a lot of clinically proven elements in these particular supplements which normally enable this to help you to burn extra body fat. Yet, this supplement itself has not been researched entirely. Recently, there has been no particular evidence or peer-reviewed study about the actual potency of this supplement. So, the formula has actually no independent research. But, by noticing maximum success stories & positive reviews, we can also say that the exact formula can speed up the process of weight loss significantly. This dietary supplement is a proven product to help lose weight.

    Actual Dosage – PhenQ Pills

    You can also add this to your regular meal plan to lose the excess weight & the manufacturing company advises the users to take two pills every day. This is very much essential for maintaining a healthy diet, daily exercise routine, keeping the human body hydrated throughout & maintaining a good sleeping cycle. This supplement not only helps to lose weight but also hydrates the human body.

    Complete Meal Shake of PhenQ

    Complete Meal Shake from PhenQ is a simple and delicious way of feeling full and shedding excess weight with natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

    In addition to replacing one full meal, PhenQ Meal Shake provides your body with all the nutrients it requires to stay nourished, energized and satisfied.

    Thirteen vitamins and minerals are included in every serving. It also contains 16 grams of whey protein, as well as gut-healthy digestive enzymes. All of which aim to enhance energy and metabolism and help you lose weight.

    Here are some important facts about this PhenQ supplement:

    Key Facts
    Formulation: Powder Form
    Description: The best meal shake for losing excess weight and maintaining healthy living
  • Vanilla bean ice cream
  • Rich chocolate
  • Sweet strawberry
  • Quantity: 21 servings (You get 3 bags, 7 servings with each)
    Recommended serving: One or Two scoops per day
    Active Ingredients:
  • DigeZyme
  • CARB10 from pea starch
  • Oat flour
  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Vegan micronutrient blend
  • Flaxseed powder
  • Pricing: $53.85 for three bags

    How Does This Meal Shake Work?


    All-natural ingredients in PhenQ Meal Shake are backed by science to provide plenty of health benefits without causing side effects. This natural weight loss supplement works on the basis of those ingredients. Some of them are capable of suppressing your appetite, and others support thermogenesis to get rid of extra body fat.

    As we mentioned, it’s a complete meal shake that replaces a full meal. These results are like you are taking a healthy, low-calorie diet while stopping new fat cells from forming. By taking this meal shake, you have more control over your cravings, calorie intake, and energy levels.

    A low-calorie diet is usually hard to follow, but this delicious meal has 269 calories, ensuring a balanced diet and helping you lose excess weight without even following a certain diet program.

    Key Ingredients

    Following are the active ingredients in PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake:


    Containing five different digestive enzymes: alpha-amylase, cellulase, lactase, protease, and lipase, the DigeZyme blend improves your gut health. It works to enhance the absorption of healthy nutrients and support the breakdown of proteins, carbs, and fats.

    CARB10 from pea starch

    CARB10 is a unique component of PhenQ Meal Shake. It is sourced from high-quality pea starch. The substance can boost your digestive health and improve the absorption of complex carbs without spiking your sugar levels.

    Oat flour

    Oat flour is a great gluten-free alternative for baking that offers many benefits, including reduced carb intake and improved blood sugar control. In addition, oat flour contains fiber and magnesium, which are essential for good health.

    Whey protein concentrate

    Whey protein concentrate is a high-quality source of protein that can be used in place of other proteins, such as eggs or meat. It provides all the essential amino acids that the body needs to function properly and has minimal lactose content.

    Vegan micronutrient blend

    A vegan micronutrient blend in meal shake is a nutritional formulation that combines several different types of nutrients to help optimize the health and well-being of users.

    Flaxseed powder

    Flaxseeds are a great addition to any diet, and they’re especially beneficial for people looking to improve their health. Flaxseed is high in fiber, which helps keep you feeling full longer and promotes regularity.

    Pricing Of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

    The cost of Meal Shake is quite affordable than other weight loss supplements on the market. You can buy a single bag containing 7 servings for just $17.95. That means each serving of PhenQ Meal Shake costs you $2.56. Here is the pricing information:

    • Order a single bag of Meal Shake: $20.95
    • Order two bags of Meal Shake: $39.90
    • Order three bags of Meal Shake: $53.85

    As you can notice, bulk packages are more discounted. You can add an extra bag just at the cost of $17.95 and save around $3. We recommend you order at least 2 or three bags to save some money and get better results. All orders are covered with a two-month money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the product, you can claim your refund.

    PhenQ Reviews- Successful stories & the Testimonials

    PhenQ formers actually claim to have more than one lakh ninety thousand users. And yes, this is absolutely true! You can get a lot of positive PhenQ reviews on its official website. Let’s check reviews:

    The thirty years old man lost 11 Ibs within just one month. Earlier, he crossed 176 Ibs; that was very much frustrating for him also. While he began taking this supplement, he then got the noticeable result within just one or two weeks without any side effects. This product can help you to lose weight and can provide you with a perfect curvy figure.

    A lady claims that the PhenQ Complete meal shake helped her shed three dress sizes. She is obsessed with the Shake and drinks it every day for breakfast.

    A 52 years old man named Jeffery drinks the PhenQ Meal Shake every day on his way to work. He replaced Starbucks with a PhenQ fat burner shake, and it worked for him. He likes the chocolate flavor very much.

    While taking PhenQ pills, Taiylah lost 44 pounds in a matter of months. She was so embarrassed with her stored fat that she couldn’t even want to join her family on a cruise when the chairs were too small for her size. After taking PhenQ, everything changed, and she feels more confident than ever.

    Click here to check all the PhenQ reviews!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Before visiting the official PhenQ website to place an order today, here are a few remaining questions actual customers with legit results helped create:

    How much weight can a person shed with PhenQ pills?

    When every individual is different from each other & the result of this fat-burning process will also vary; the customer of these diet pills is normally able to lose between two to five kilos every month. Losing weight is the main achievement nowadays. If you cannot get the desired result, then you can also take the day money-back guarantee for this product.

    You can get the five powerful weight loss pills in one solution of PhenQ supplement, which works from every angle to burn fat. These particular diets are supplemented with every safety protection. Manufacturers of this product claim to have helped over 190,000 women and men to lose fat through this unique supplement. The exact compliance has also been around for just a few years but also is challenging other reputed dietary supplements with the unbelievable long-term benefit.

    Does a user need the prescription to get the PhenQ supplements?

    No one needs a doctor’s prescription to get these supplements. All of the ingredients are natural and safe, delivering a simple way to support the weight loss process and erase excess fat cells.

    How long should the users use PhenQ supplements?

    Since every person has a different reaction, the users can also take the pills and Shake for as long as they are burning fat and notice the outcomes. An average weight loss is normally 2 Ibs. Every week, the users who no longer notice results can decide to stop use after a certain amount of time. Ultimately, every user should notice the change within sixty days.

    How many PhenQ pills should be taken regularly?

    Only two capsules are required every day to make the difference. The website does not say whether diet pills should be taken with water.

    How do the clients know that this supplement will work for their requirements?

    This remedy typically includes specific ingredients that have been proven to help with weight loss and target the human appetite as clients enhance their energy levels. This delivers a better chance that utilizes will generally reach their desired weight.

    Are these supplements vegan-friendly?

    Yes, every ingredient is a hundred percent vegetarian & vegan, creating these extraordinary weight loss remedies very helpful for dietary restrictions.

    Since everything is natural and pure, users will also prefer to have no interference, assuring that they can also lose weight and burn fat quickly.

    Is there any risk that this PhenQ will interfere with the oral contraceptive?

    As a natural dietary supplement, this product can securely be taken with birth control pills and other oral contraceptives without interfering with its actual effectiveness.


    In the above PhenQ review, we learned about their fat-burning formulas. PhenQ weight loss supplements combine well with your healthy diet and exercise program to erase stored body fat. The products can accelerate fat burning in multiple ways to help you lose weight. They are also proven to be the most effective weight loss products to provide a bulk of weight loss benefits. This can also achieve this function just because it contains pure and active ingredients.

    The natural ingredients of their supplements will help you to get a successful result in the weight loss journey. So, if you have realistic weight loss goals, PhenQ is the right deal. You can find a lot of information on its website about how its products will help you lose weight. Make an order of PhenQ weight loss diet pills and Complete Meal Shake today to receive numerous discounts and promotions, and the products will be delivered for free anywhere in the world.


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