Food Freedom Reviews – Legit Survival Program Worth Buying?

After the last few years, would anyone be surprised if civilization as we know it undergoes a rapid change? There is always a natural disaster happening, or a man-made threat is getting worse. Supply chain experts have been sounding the alarm about an impending supply chain meltdown. Many fear it may only be a matter of some months, weeks, or days to see a collapse in the supply chain. No matter what causes it, this supply chain meltdown could be catastrophic to millions of individuals and families.

Whether or not you are worried about a supply chain crisis or a tornado, everyone should have a plan to deal with a catastrophe. There is a survival “Rule of 3’s” that states you can only survive without air for 3 minutes, water for three days, & food for three weeks. But do you really want to put this to the test? Wouldn’t it be better to have a plan for food and water if a disaster happened? The Food Freedom system claims that it can give you an easy-to-implement strategy to feed your family – read on for more information.

What is Food Freedom?

Food Freedom is a set of guides that educates people on surviving a crisis, from natural disasters to a supply chain collapse. The information in these guides can be used in many scenarios to help protect and feed your family. According to the creators, the guides contain information that “could save your life” when a crisis happens.

The crisis could only be months, weeks, or just days from now. But one thing is clear: this “a global system-wide failure unlike any we’ve seen before in human history” could erupt & it would disrupt millions of lives. People need to take action today to protect themselves and their families.

Food Freedom comes with actionable tips to help people survive the upcoming crisis. It teaches users how to grow their food at home, set up an aquaponics system, build a geodome, and many more things they need to beat the disaster. In his video presentation, the developer of Food Freedom, Henry Cobb, terms it “the most important message I have ever given in my life.”


How Food Freedom Works

Food Freedom is available as a set of manuals, videos, and e-books that explain the steps to avoid a food shortage crisis. In the guides, readers can learn how to secure their food supply, protect their families, and grow an endless food supply regardless of their location—even with no agricultural experience.

Here are the key features of Food Freedom:

  • How to set up a two-part aquaponics system that delivers a near-constant supply of fish and vegetables
  • What seeds to keep in the survival seed vault
  • How to grow up to one hundred pounds of food in just a four-square foot box
  • It delivers long-term food storage strategies
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build a home-based geodome for growing food throughout the year, even during winter
  • Additional strategies, tips, and tools to overcome any natural disaster

According to the creators, anyone can use Food Freedom regardless of their experience level. It is helpful for people in the city or the countryside whether they have experience or not. They can follow the Food Freedom guides to survive the impending food shortage crisis.

What is Included with Food Freedom

The Food Freedom package includes a set of e-Books and guides that explain everything people need to know to survive the looming food shortage. Once purchased, users also get immediate access to a private online community of individuals who are also preparing to save their families from disaster. The three “original” guides you receive are :

DIY Aquaponics: A systematic guide to growing your food

The creator is a firm believer in aquaponics to secure food supply. This guide shows how people can develop a two-part system with live fish and vegetables. While the fish provide fertilizer to the vegetables, the vegetables clean the water for the fish.

This self-sustaining system can help people secure a considerable food supply. Importantly, anyone can create it in just a few hours without spending much money.

Build a Geodome: Grow food year-round

This guide teaches users how to grow their food throughout the year, even in the mid-winter. It involves creating a “geodome” that allows users to grow food all year round, even in the mid-winter. Importantly, this uniquely designed greenhouse provides adequate sunlight.

33 Things You Need to Survive: But you can’t get when disaster strikes

This guide exposes essential things that every person needs to survive but which can be impossible to find when a disaster strikes. For instance, medicines and tools may be difficult to get in times of crisis. This guide lists things that users can stockpile now before the crisis strikes.


Food Freedom Bonuses

In addition to the mentioned components, the Food Freedom package also includes three bonus guides & membership to the online community:

Bonus #1: Survival Seed Vault

This bonus guide shows users the right seeds to stockpile and plant. Here, the creator shows users the right seeds for maximum food production.

Bonus #2: Grow 100lbs of potatoes in a 4-square foot box

In this guide, the creator shows users how to grow up to 100 pounds of potatoes in a small space—a box placed in the backyard.

Long-term Food Storage: Keep your family fed during winter

Storage is an essential part of food security. This guide shows people how to keep their families fed by storing their food properly. It explains canning, salting, and preserving food the right way to secure a long-term food supply.

Bonus #3: Private membership

Upon purchase, members get free access to a private members’ area. This membership allows you to access the entire Food Freedom package, including PDF materials and additional videos and resources.

Food Freedom Pricing

The Food Pricing package is currently available on their website for $37. This one-time payment allows users access to the entire package so they can download the guides immediately and start applying the lessons learned. Importantly, Food Freedom comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

If you have more questions, check out the Food Freedom website, or contact their customer service department via one of the following methods:

About the Creator of Food Freedom

Henry Cobb is the creator behind the Food Freedom package. Cobb is a 43-year old professor of history who lives in southern Colorado with his wife and children.

After spending many years studying history, Henry is now interested in the state of the world. He believes there is an impending apocalypse. He compiled the Food Freedom package to sound a warning and provide a solution to the looming danger.

To learn more about the Food Freedom guides and their content, visit their website by clicking here! >>>


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