‘Christmas is the season for children’

Food boxes delivered to 18 Tonasket families during Christmas Food Drive

TONASKET- Kristi Hutchins and several others from the community are on a mission to bring holiday cheer to the children of Tonasket this year.

Last week, Hutchins and her team delivered food boxes to 18 families.

“The school provided canned goods for the eighteen boxes of food delivered to families,” said Hutchins.

In a community effort, spearheaded by Hutchins, efforts are being made to connect with children and their families within the community, who can benefit from the spirit of giving and generosity, during this season.

Hutchins said many in the community have contributed to make these gifts to the children and their families possible.

According to Hutchins, the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Havilah gave a large donation to help with the efforts.

“After meeting with Chanon Butler, I brought home three or four big black sacks worth of boots, gloves, coats, socks, and sweaters. I just put it out there and people started bringing items in. We have given away so much and it has been so cool,” said Hutchins.

Hutchins said a great deal of effort has been put into selecting families.

“If anyone knows of a family in need, they can certainly give me their names,” said Hutchins.

“Unfortunately, we know we have not covered everybody,” said Hutchins.

Hutchins said all of the credit goes to the community.

“People have given so much. A little lady from Oroville, my neighbor, a business in Oroville, The Masonic Lodge, people at the US Armed Forces Legacy, Beyers Market, all have given so much. The whole community is coming together,” said Hutchins.

Many families have been moved to tears with the generosity of the community.

“The food bank helped. Norm and Diane Weddle met us Monday so people could get their boxes before the holiday. They made a special effort, and went above and beyond,” said Hutchins.

Some families, who received a box this last week, who are new to the community, were overwhelmed with emotion because of the outpouring of generosity from the community.

“This is a community effort to bring the spirit of giving for the holidays,” said Hutchins.

“Christmas is the season for children.”

Hutchins said it’s so beautiful to collectively put heads together to serve the children of Tonasket.

“I invite churches, civic groups, private individuals, businesses, to take part in the spirit of giving. We can help direct them to other avenues of giving as well, “ said Hutchins.

Community members who would like to contribute non-perishable food, can do so by contacting Kristi Hutchins, at her place of employment, at Tonasket High School.