Guy Donald Dixon


Guy Donald Dixon

Guy Donald Dixon

Guy was born in Tacoma, Washington to Donald N. and Joanne G. Dixon on July 13, 1966.

In 1974 the family, including Guy and his two sisters, moved to Oroville, Wash. Guy graduated from Oroville High School in 1984. Shortly thereafter he joined the U.S. Navy. He served as a hydraulic specialist in the Helmineron operation (helicopter mine eradication) during the Gulf Crisis.

On November 19, 2001, Guy married Annette Marie Olmstead. Their daughter, Barbara Annmarie Dixon was born in Roseberg, Calif. on Feb. 23, 2003.

Guy was a family man; he enjoyed travel, adventure and gardening. He loved to take family members on nature hiking retreats.

Guy died on May 2, 2016 from a combination of health problems. He is survived by his daughter Barbara, wife Annette Dixon; parents Don and Jo Dixon; sisters Elke Dixon and Kelly Noor; brother-in-law Salam Noor; niece Amani and nephews Nabeel, Osawa, and Shareef Noor; cousins Roxanne Rossiter, Lisa Rausch, and Joey Rausch, Jim, John and Jeff Erickson and Andy Rausch.

Anyone wishing to commemorate Guy’s life can nurture a tree or bush.

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