Oroville Police Department hires Gary Hirst as its new sergeant

Hirst, a former Oroville Police Officer, leaving Okanogan County Sheriff’s office to return to OPD

Gary Hirst

Gary Hirst

OROVILLE – At the last Oroville City Council meeting Oroville Police Chief Michael Langford announced his intention to hire former Oroville Police Officer Gary Hirst to fill the empty sergeant’s position.

Chief Langford said Hirst was the one successful applicant after taking the Sergeant’s Exam which was offered by the Oroville Civil Service Commission.

“We went through the hiring process, tested for sergeant and we have a person that has passed,” said Langford, adding that Hirst has also already passed his psychological and polygraph tests.

Langford said he has made a Conditional Offer of Employment to Hirst, with a starting date of June 1. Langford requested that Mayor Ed Naillon be authorized to sign the Hiring and Retention Payment Agreement.

“We’ve already had our committee meeting regarding this hire, not this hire specifically, but the sergeant’s position. As you know, Gary is a former Oroville Police Officer and wants to come back. He’s invested in the community and has passed his sergeant exam,” said Ed Naillon, adding he would entertain a motion authorizing the him to sign the contract with Hirst.

Councilman Richard Werner made the motion and it was seconded by Councilman Kolo Moser and passed unanimously.

Hirst was hired as an entry level police officer for Oroville in August of 2016. He left the Oroville Police Department and went to work for the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office in March of 2019.

“Just a side note, he is really excited to come back. There were extenuating circumstances why he left, but he really does want to come home. So he’s really happy about this,” said Chief Langford, and “I’m happy to have him come work for us.”