Arnold Grunert

Arnold Grunert died March 4, 2022, he was born Arno Grunert on April 23, 1951 to Heinrich and Erna Grunert in Straelen, Germany.

Arnold Grunert

Arnold Grunert

On March 4, 2022 Arnold Grunert entered the next realm to be greeted by his mother and father and beloved Mary.

Arno Grunert entered this realm on April 23, 1951 to Heinrich and Erna Grunert in Straelen, Germany. As an infant they all emigrated to the United States, coming to Oroville, Washington in the spring of 1952.

In the first grade Arno’s teacher changed his name to Arnold because Arno wasn’t politically correct for the times. As time went by everyone called him Arnie.

Graduating at Oroville High School in 1969 he then attended Spokane Community College earning an Associates Degree in Aircraft Mechanics. After working in Yakima as a helicopter mechanic for two years, he returned to Oroville to operate a small orchard and work at the airport.

In 1979 he met Mary Visel and in March of 1982 they were married. Together they went on many adventures, like traveling the southwest and visiting hot springs of the area, until her passing in October of 2001.

In 2017, Arnie met Ian Keith, both found a strong brotherhood with each other until Arnie’s passing.

Arnie enjoyed reading, speaking German, riding motorcycles – anything that used gas. His understanding of the Universe and the nature of all things was truly amazing. His favorite saying was “You create your own reality.”

Arnie is survived by his brothers, Frank, Sieg and Robert.

A celebration of Arnie’s life will be held Saturday, April 23, his birthday, at Scott’s beach on Smith’s Point at 1 p.m.