Tonasket pool has new manager

“I realized no one else was available and the pool might not open,” said Moore.

TONASKET- This summer, James Moore will serve as the new pool manager for the Tonasket City Pool. The pool opened Monday, June 12.

Moore, a former Vocational Instructor for Job Corps, worked in recreation his first ten years as a part of Job Corps.

“I was a lifeguard for more than ten years at the Job Corps,” said Moore.

His background includes certification in waterfront lifeguarding during his time at Job Corps. Moore said being a waterfront lifeguard means being the person in charge of open water areas, like a lake or river, which is a different set of risks.

After retirement, he managed the Tonasket Visitor Business and Information Center, for a couple of summers.

“I accepted the job just last week,” said Moore.

When asked what motivated him to pursue the position with the Tonasket City Pool, he said, “I realized no one else was available and the pool might not open,” said Moore.

“This was a big motivation for me to take the job. I’m happily retired. I’ve been busy in the past, but I had a gap this year, and think I can do it,” said Moore.

Moore said he believes the job will be an interesting and adventurous challenge.

He is already starting to learn the ins and outs of his new position.

“I’ve done a little training in this last week. I’m becoming familiar with what the current requirements are,” said Moore.

This year there is a whole new batch of lifeguards working at the pool.

“They are going through certification this week, in Omak. Hopefully we will have a full crew. A lot of them are young, it’s their first job,” said Moore.

There are six returning lifeguards from last year.

“They have said they feel much more confident this year and more comfortable in the role,” said Moore.

The lifeguards participated in a Sunday session where they reviewed all of the different techniques and styles, according to Moore.

“To me it’s a mixture of training them to be better lifeguards and learning to be good employees at that age. Getting along with each other and good customer service is a big part of it too. These are all very important experiences for them. They are well suited for the job, and they care about the public,” said Moore.

The pool received some renovations this spring, according to Moore.

“We had a chronic leak, the expansion joints in the pool concrete were leaking quite a bit. That was all replaced,” said Moore.

Moore said, Tonasket Community Pool is a million dollar facility donated to the community by the community. No tax dollars were used to build the pool.

“The pool was privately funded through fundraising. The community raised the money and gave it to the city,” said Moore.

Families can expect a few new and exciting things this summer.

“The most exciting, is this year we are going to have a couple of teen nights. They will probably be on Friday nights. I’d like to do one in July and one in August before school starts,” said Moore.

The teen nights will consist of games, music and chaperoned pool time.

“I want to get a volleyball net and have a few water sports. Those same games would also be available for people who rent the pool on Sundays for private parties. Which is a nice benefit to be able to offer. I’d like to give kudos to the city and Tonasket Parks and Recreation for their oversight and good attitude about the pool,” said Moore.

Pool hours are Monday through Friday, 12-1pm. Adult lap swim; 1-4:45 p.m. Public swim; 5-6 p.m. adult lap swim; 6-8 p.m. Family swimming is held on Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday hours for public swimming are 1-5 p.m.

The pool may be rented on Sundays for private events. Rental rates; $155, two hours; $210, three hours; and $255, four hours. The rental includes lifeguard supervision.

The Tonasket Community Pool can give swimming lessons to up to 210 kids per year.

The Tonasket Park and Recreation District receives donations for swim lessons each year from local businesses, organizations and individuals. These donations help kids learn to swim who could not afford to take lessons otherwise. If you would like to donate, please contact Tonasket Park and Recreation District.

“For information about swimming lessons, and any information regarding Tonasket City Pool, call 509-486-0449.