MaxCool Portable AC Reviewed: Legit Air Cooler Unit or Cheap Scam?

As we all know, summers can be quite hot, and this trend is expected to continue. If you’ve ever traveled in a van or RV, the searing heat and excessive humidity can sometimes be unbearable. Having air conditioning to escape the miserable weather outside can be a welcome relief. The issue is that air conditioning consumes a great deal of electricity and is therefore not always possible unless you are plugged into a power source.

Some recreational vehicles, including camper vans, lack air conditioning. If you are camping in a tent, forget it! You are forced to endure the heat that comes with being in nature. Unless you have another choice to keep you cool that only consumes a small amount of energy. Therefore, you should test out the MaxCool air cooler. It claims to function as a personal air conditioner, humidifier, and cooler to keep drinks and other goods cold.

Cool and refreshing breezes are what most people crave, and this 3-in-1 portable air conditioner has been designed to deliver them. According to the company’s website, MaxCool cools an area and saves over 90% of the energy costs within a short time. A regular air conditioning unit is no longer required because of MaxCool’s effectiveness.

Is MaxCool’s performance the same as advertised? Discover the MaxCool air cooler features here in this review.

So, read on!

What is MaxCool?

Per the official site, MaxCool portable AC is based on state-of-the-art evaporative technology. Hot air from the outside is sucked in and cleansed of warm air particles, resulting in only cold air being released. A water tank has been built into the top of MaxCool, and it will need to be refilled with cool water to maintain the tank’s fresh, crisp air.

Traditional AC systems and regular coolers use internal mechanisms and chemicals to cool the air, which can be dangerous. Even if your health isn’t at risk, irritated skin and airways can result from dry air. MaxCool utilizes cold water to chill the air traveling through the gadget. Natural, humidifying, and pleasant cooling sensations are used to remove any contaminants. This eliminates chemicals and provides a nice, natural, humidifying, and cooling experience.

MaxCool performs exceptionally well compared to standard-sized air conditioner systems, despite its small size and lightweight design. Additionally, the MaxCool ait cooler has a built-in gentle blue nightlight so that even the lightest of sleepers can get a good night’s rest without worrying about being disturbed. You can take MaxCool with you everywhere you go in your home. This is your chance to not only enjoy the fresh breeze wherever you want it but lower your expenses.

How does it work:

MaxCool works as a portable air cooler and much more. The initial phase in the cooling process is for the MaxCool to draw in the hot, dry air in the room. This air is then sent through the filtering system before being recirculated.

MaxCool air cooler contains a water tank through which the air passes over and is cooled to deliver the cold air. As a result, this portable AC adds moisture, resulting in cooling relief.

As stated, it also functions as a personal humidifier, purifier, and air cooler. This device will significantly impact regions with a somewhat drier climate; therefore, consumers will enjoy the much-needed respite.

The device requires minimal effort to configure. Once the water tank is full and the device is plugged in, the user only needs to select the fan speed. They can adjust the fan setting as they see fit without incurring additional energy bills. Charging the device does not require a standard plug. Any USB plug will function properly. When the MaxCool device is delivered, complete instructions will accompany it.

MaxCool AC Features:

MaxCool is a portable air cooler that reduces electricity costs while maintaining a colder interior than the outdoors. This equipment is easy to maintain, and buyers do not need to pay hefty installation fees. MaxCool has the following characteristics:

  • You can select one of three cooling intensities to suit your needs. It is a portable air cooling system that will help you feel refreshed within minutes.
  • While the air is being cooled within the device, it is also being cleansed. Using ice-cold water prevents the drying of the skin and airways.
  • MaxCool needs no chemicals to create the cold air; you will not be exposed to any potentially hazardous substances.
  • For use, you will only need to fill the water tank, plug it into an electrical outlet, and turn it on. Ensure that water is added to the tank, as the humidifier function will not operate without it.
  • The projected lifespan of the MaxCool air cooler with regular use is three years. A single filling of the water compartment will provide temperature control for an entire day.
  • MaxCool is entirely safe to use while sleeping. In certain instances, users would want to leave the device on throughout the night to maintain the device’s refreshing impact.


Q: Do I need a filter in conjunction with MaxCool?

A. No, additional devices or attachments are not required to enjoy the benefits of MaxCool. The air cooler includes a filter that may be cleaned and reused.

Q: What square footage does the air cooler cover?

A. Because the MaxCool air cooler is a personal cooler, it can efficiently cool one room. Multiple cooling units are recommended if the space is greater than 200 square feet.

Q: Do I need to turn it on and off, or can I leave it on at all times?

A. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can keep MaxCool on continuously or activate it only when necessary. If you leave the air cooler on continuously, users will need to replace the water as the level goes down with prolonged use.

Q: Can the filter be cleaned? If so, how can it be cleaned?

A. The MaxCool air cooler filter is simple to maintain. By removing the grid, you can access the filter via the front of the device and rinse it under running water.

Purchase the MaxCool

Interested consumers can purchase MaxCool on the company’s website, where they can take advantage of incredible, low-priced discounts and various packages. Payments must be made using PayPal or MasterCard on the authority’s website. Shoppers can feel safe and secure while using shopping carts that are 256-bit encrypted and protected by security measures.

The following low-cost options are readily available on the main website:

  • One unit of MaxCool: $49.99
  • Two units of MaxCool: $44.99 each
  • Three units of MaxCool: $35.99 each

The MaxCool website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of delivery, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. A refund or exchange will then be offered to you. Please use the contact information provided here to get in touch with the MaxCool’s customer support team and learn more:

  • Phone: +1 (970) 680-8635
  • Email: support@getmaxcool.com


You can enjoy the MaxCool personal and portable air cooler in the middle of any little league game or outdoor camping trip. To use, all you need is ice cubes with cold water. It’s the best cooler you can have at any event. A professional player who is cooling off on the sidelines would love the cool air it produces. Anyone may use MaxCool to cool down and enjoy the fresh air for long periods. Thanks to MaxCool’s small size and portability, it can be used anywhere cool air is needed.

In general, this is a great product, but you must follow its instructions to the letter. Don’t expect it to be a replacement for the home’s air conditioning system. Instead, think of it as a way to cool down by sitting near it and as a way to find relief from the heat.

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