Three vie for May Festival Royalty, Selection Night Feb. 10

This year’s May Festival Royalty candidates are Jayden Glover, Anna Hernandez and Sierra Buckmiller.

May Festival Royalty candidates Jayden Glover, Anna Hernandez and Sierra Buckmiller.

May Festival Royalty candidates Jayden Glover, Anna Hernandez and Sierra Buckmiller.

OROVILLE – Three young ladies wish to be this year’s May Festival Royalty, they are Jayden Glover, Anna Hernandez and Sierra Buckmiller. There will be a Selection Night on Saturday, Feb. 10 to decide who will be May Festival Queen and who will be her royal court of princesses.

Below, by way of introduction to the community, each of the young ladies has written a bit about themselves.

Jayden Glover

Hello, everyone, my name is Jayden Glover I am currently a junior at Oroville High School. I am 16 years old but I am turning 17 on February 17th. I am very excited to be able to represent our small town and have the opportunity to run for May Day Queen.

A little bit about me is I am the Social Chairman for my school executive ASB. I have played volleyball since seventh grade but have been watching the sport since before I could walk. I am a middle hitter for our varsity team. I have been doing stats for boys and girls basketball since my freshman year of high school and I have also helped with baseball stats but this year I plan on playing softball.

My all-time favorite thing to do is hang out with my family and close friends, it is never a dull moment in my family. I have lived here in Oroville my whole life with my mom DJ Rounds and stepdad Jeff Rounds, sister Whitney and brother Jeffrey. My mom teaches fourth grade here at our elementary school, and my dad works for Okanogan County Public Works. My dad Joe Glover, stepmom Sidney Ables and little sister Adleigh live in Omak but still support me through everything.

May Day has always been my favorite tradition in Oroville. I love seeing our small community come together to have an awesome fun day. I am very excited to be running with two of my closest friends, Anna Hernandez and Sierra Buckmiller. I wish them the best of luck. Lastly, I want to thank everyone who is supporting me in running for May Day royalty and I hope to see everyone at selection night on February 10th!

Anna Hernandez

Hi, my name is Anna Hernandez and I’m so grateful to have this amazing opportunity to represent Oroville and hopefully become your May Day Queen. I am currently 16 years old and a junior at the Oroville Jr/Sr High School. I am also a student in the Running Start program through Eastern Washington University.

I have lived in Oroville my whole life with my parents Jose Hernandez and Patricia Mojica, along with my two older sisters Alma and Paola Mojica. I can’t forget to mention my two amazing dogs Tito and Bruno. My dad is an agricultural worker and my mom works for Gebber Farms here in town.

I love being involved with my school and all the activities. This year I made it on the soccer and basketball varsity teams. In the past, I’ve helped keep stats for the baseball team. I am also a member of FBLA and Executive ASB President. As ASB President I am able to help create fun events for students to help them be more involved in our school, not only that, it’s a way to help me connect with more people. I am also involved in the math and science Upward Bound program. With this program, I get to go on many different trips to help me find out what I want to do in the future. If everything goes as planned, I hope to attend Washington State University for Sports Management.

I have always enjoyed May Day. My favorite part would have to be a couple years ago when they had 3-on-3 basketball games. I loved being able to play with my friends and getting snow cones right after. Not only that I also enjoyed seeing all the wonderful floats and being able to get so much candy. May Day has always had a special place in my heart, it has always been a perfect time to be around friends and family.

Here I am today with this opportunity of a lifetime. I’m so happy to be running with some of my closest friends Jayden Glover and Sierra Buckmiller. I wish you both the best of luck! Hopefully, I get to see all of you at Selection Night on February 10th to help and support us throughout this journey!

Sierra Buckmiller

Hello everyone, my name is Sierra Buckmiller and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to run for this year’s 2024 May Day Queen. I am a 16 years old and currently a junior at Oroville High School. I have lived in Oroville my whole life with my mom and dad, Missy and Jason Buckmiller along with my brother and sister, Jaxon and Rilee Buckmiller. I have two dogs whose names are Copper and Molly, a bearded dragon, Bowzer, who I spend most of my days holding.

I have played for Oroville’s basketball teams since the second grade and I have also played volleyball and ran track. I believe the coaches and friends I have made along the way helped me become the successful person I am today. In my free time when I’m not playing sports or attending school events, my favorite things to do consist of drawing and of course shopping.

I’m very excited to be running for this position alongside my two best friends, Jayden Glover and Anna Hernandez. I can’t think of anything more exciting than to be running with these two amazing girls.