Oroville looking for guidance on planning, Lake Osoyoos

City needs Planning Commission Alternates

Oroville is asking, “Do have an eye on the future?” If you do and have a couple of hours available for two meetings every month you may be able to help guide the future for city and Lake Osoyoos.

Oroville needs a couple of individuals for alternate Planning Commission members. Alternates participate in Planning Commission meetings but aren’t in a voting position unless there is a lack of quorum; however, they will take the next seat when it is vacated. This gives the alternate a chance to learn about the issues addressed by the Planning Commission, according to Chris Branch, director of Community Development.

The Planning Commission is currently working on a Shoreline Management Program update to be adopted by the end of 2014, and will be developing recommendations for updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan in the near future. Occasionally, the Commission also reviews regulation amendments and development proposals for recommendations to the City Council for their final decision on such matters.

Call or e-mail Branch, 509-322-0735 or e-mail at chrisb.oroville@nvinet.com, if you have an interest. He says he is looking forward to talking with you.

City needs Planning Commission help