New management at Tonasket Natural Foods Co-Op

TONASKET-The Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op has changed management recently.

In August, manager Terry Racy left to start her own business, the Aeneas Valley Store, and management of the Co-Op went into the hands of Alice Simon with the help of former manager Julie Greenwood.

Simon has lived in Tonasket since 2005 when she moved to the city to be closer to family. Her brother has lived in the area for over 35 years and operates two businesses in Tonasket. Simon has lived and worked in the Maryland/D.C. area for many years managing retail businesses and restaurants.

With the addition of a new dining area, Simon is hoping to increase customer count and sales. She said the café has Wi-Fi Internet access, which is also accessible from the outdoors dining area to the side of the café.

A statement issued by the Co-op said Simon’s “professionalism and management experience will bring new ideas and systems to the Co-op.”