'Convenience with a healthy attitude'

AENEAS VALLEY – “Convenience with a healthy attitude” is the new motto for the Aeneas Valley store which reopened on Sept. 10.

The new owners are Terry and Brian Racy, formerly of Tonasket.

“The community really needs the store down there, especially with the price of gas,” Terry Racy said. “It also provides us with the opportunity to work somewhere where we didn’t have to drive a lot.”

She added that opening the store seemed like an exciting business opportunity. She has previous experience in this line of work.

“I used to run the Co-op in Tonasket and previously worked at Grant’s, so it seemed like all that background was getting me ready to run the store,” she said.

The store now has diesel, gas and propane. Racy said the stock has increased quite a bit this last week and that it ranges from low-end items to organic higher-end items. She said they sell tobacco and beer and that they’ll be getting wine next week. The store also sells meat and produce from Grant’s Market in Tonasket.

“Our goal is to provide the local community with their grocery needs,” she said, adding that they have redesigned the shelf set-up and have redone the lighting to make the store friendlier.

“Our opening week has been beyond our expectations and we are thoroughly enjoying being in the Valley,” she said.

There is currently only one other person working at the store, Michael Linscott, an Aeneas Valley resident. He is an integral part of the business, according to Racy.

The Aeneas Valley store hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week and the new phone number for the store is (509) 486-4214.