Best Delta 8 Gummies in 2022: Strongest THC Edibles & Weed Gummies

Delta-8 gummies have various flavors that suit any diet or taste preference. They not only provide your body with more protein and fiber than regular snacks, but they also provide you with healthy fats. Add Delta 8 gummies to your daily routine as a convenient, delicious snack! The gummies consist of all-natural components and have no adverse side effects.

Gluten, dairy, artificial coloring, yeast, soy, and other potentially dangerous substances are absent from the product. There are no hazardous ingredients or binders in the supplement, such as magnesium stearate or gelatin.

To ensure that you choose the highest quality product that gives you exactly what you want, keep reading this article to find the five best delta-8 gummies in the market. We have shortlisted the best delta-8 gummies brands for you to rely on without scrolling through, wasting hours on the internet.

List Of Top THC Brands For The Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

  1. Exhale Delta – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies
  2. BudPop – Premium THC Gummies For Beginners
  3. Hollyweed – Popular Brand For Full Spectrum Gummies
  4. DiamondCBD – Multiple Flavors For Delta 8 Candies
  5. 3Chi – Most Affordable Delta 8 Edibles

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Gummies


Exhale Wellness creates their delta-8 and delta 9 thc supplements keeping their customers and their quality first promise in mind. The brand uses pectin instead of animal fat to make dairy-free and vegan-based products. Although new to the market, Exhale Wellness provides some of the best products.

The most exciting part of their policy is that they give a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product. This policy shows the level of confidence the brand has in its products.


Producing the best delta-8 gummies, Exhale Wellness is a brand well known to all. It consists of highly experienced researchers, cultivators, and hemp enthusiasts who seek to improve the lives of everyone through natural wellness products. They manufacture vegan-friendly gummies that are healthy, relaxing, and yummy all in one. Every single jar of the Exhale Wellness delta-8 gummies contains about 750mg of delta-8 THC in it, with every gummy containing almost 25mg delta-8 THC.

The brand also gives you an option to increase the dose of delta-8 THC up to 50mg, making the most potent delta-8 gummies in this list. The gummies come in five different flavors: orange, grape, strawberry, pineapple, and apple.

The delta-8 gummies and other delta 8 THC products from Exhale Wellness undergo mandatory third-party lab tests to confirm the purity and safety of the products. As such, the final product is safe to consume.


  • High-quality organic ingredients
  • Contains no fillers
  • Dairy-free and vegan
  • Relief for your muscles and joints
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • No buying limit


  • Effects are short-lived
  • Only available online

Customer Review

Since the brand is relatively new, not many reviews are available online. Most of the reviews we collected include five stars on its quality, potency, and effects. Some customers also love their customer support services, including free shipping, returns, and a 30-days money-back guarantee if you do not like the product.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale

#2. BudPop – Premium THC Gummies For Beginners


Delta-8 gummies by BudPop are the first of their kind. They are the highest-quality, most bioavailable, and well-balanced gummies available in the market today. They contain about 625mg of delta-8 THC per bottle. These gummies are also sugar-free and include no artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

They are loaded with a unique blend of aromatic terpenes that have been shown to have health advantages. Pineapple, Orange, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, and Grapefruit are among the five delightful fruit varieties available in BudPop’s delta-8 gummies. Their product is proudly created in the United States in a cGMP-certified lab that complies with all state and federal manufacturing rules.


The BudPop’s delta-8 gummies are a new addition to the BudPop collection. This delectable delight is now available in Sativa and Indica cannabis varieties. For individuals looking for a novel and discreet way to ingest cannabis, both flavors offer an excellent gummy taste with a tinge of cannabis.

BudPop’s gummies are well-known for their delectable taste and effectiveness. There’s never been a better opportunity to indulge your sweet craving while reaping the benefits of cannabis.

The two unique flavors for delta-8 gummies include Strawberry Gelato and Blue Dream Berry. The company is known for neatly packing its products and sending them fast to consumers. The best part is the company does not charge any shipping fee for products costing more than $50.

Delta-8 gummies from BudPop are made using handpicked natural ingredients free from GMOs and animal products. Therefore, they are suitable for all people, including people with strict dietary restrictions. All the information about the products and other company processes is available on their beautifully designed website.

If you change your mind about buying BudPop’s products, they offer a 14-day refund policy on unopened and unused products. You can also contact their robust customer care department if you have any queries.


  • Made from all-natural elements
  • No added sugars or carbohydrates
  • Vegan friendly
  • Free shipping
  • Affordably priced
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Only available online

Customer Reviews

Over the years, people have tried a lot of different types of gummies, and they can honestly state that BudPops is one of the best-tasting gummies available. Most online reviews are nothing but positive remarks on the delta-8 gummies.

Other consumers also commented on the wide variety of tastes that BudPop offered. Some were pleased by the consistency displayed by the company in the intensity, flavor, and effectiveness. The shopping and shipping processes are also pretty streamlined.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop


Hollyweed is another trusted and popular brand for top-quality delta-8 gummies. Two college students with love for cannabis and a drive to make a difference in the marijuana market launched the company in 2017. Since then, the company has made big moves in the industry, creating ripple effects affecting everyone else.

The company is rapidly gaining a reputation for its delectable delta-8 products made from premium organic hemp.


Each packet of the delta-8 gummies contains about 30 gummies, with each gummy containing about 25mg or 30mg of delta-8 THC. They offer a variety of flavors to choose from, including strawberry, pineapple, apple, and many more. The gummies are vegetarian-friendly, as they do not contain any animal gelatin in them.

Nevertheless, the brand is highly transparent about its dealings. All its products are made from organically grown hemp. The delta-8 THC is then extracted using the safest carbon dioxide extraction that leaves no chemical residue behind. To prove the quality and purity, these gummies have gone through third-party lab testing, and the results are publicly available on the company’s website.

Also, unlike other edibles on the market, they are not overly sweet. There is also no THC flavor, which you may be concerned about with other products, so people won’t have to worry about that. The Hollyweed delta-8 gummies are overall a fantastic product!


  • Organic and high-quality ingredients
  • Inexpensive
  • Third-party lab tested by the finest labs
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Variety of flavors


  • Not available offline

Customer Reviews

Hollyweed CBD has amassed tons of five-star reviews for their delta-8 gummies. Consumers commented on how quickly the products take to show the effects. The effects also last long, giving users a more relaxed experience. With a dedicated customer service department, it is no surprise that consumers are pleased by the quick and professional responses they get on queries.

Customers have also discovered that combining these delta-8 gummies with coconut oil works best for many of them.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed

#4. Diamond CBD – Multiple Flavors For Delta 8 Candies


As one of the industry’s big brands, Diamond CBD has made massive investments into developing better and new hemp products. The company is widely known for its high-quality products and customer-centric approach, and customer satisfaction is their key priority.

The company has an in-house team of highly specialized doctors, chemists, scientists, and hemp farmers. Together, they all work to deliver the purest, most effective products. All the brands’ products are made from all-natural ingredients, and they contain no trace of GMOs, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

Diamond CBD’s manufacturing practices are up to date. They use CO2 extraction methods to extract high-quality delta-8 THC from the hemp plants. The products are tested for purity and quality, and the results are openly available for anyone to view. This shows the level of confidence that Diamond CBD has in its products.


Diamond CBD has decades of experience in the hemp industry, and over these years, they have built a solid reputation for themselves. Diamond CBD Chill Plus delta-8 gummies are potent supplements that promote relaxation, mood balance, and better sleep. They are a unique mixture of the highest quality components, such as melatonin and L-Theanine for relaxation, delicious passion flower for mood balancing, and valerian root for deep sleep.

You can consume them before going to bed or if you’re feeling stressed or anxious. These delicious gummies are also gluten-free and created in the United States with non-GMO ingredients. Diamond CBD has your back if you are worried about health-threatening chemicals in gummies. Throughout the production process, the team at Diamond CBD actively monitors the process to ensure the highest quality and purity.

Diamond CBD delta-8 gummies are available in various flavors, including watermelon, mango, and blueberry. They offer free shipping on orders above $100. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can return the product within 30 days after buying it for a full refund.


  • Free shipping above $100
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Limited return policy
  • Relatively expensive

Customer Reviews

Firstly, delta-8 Chill Plus Gummies are a fantastic product; they have a tremendous flavor and rapidly chill people down. The one thing people don’t like about them is that they take a long time to start working, but once they do, they’re fantastic. These are something we would recommend to anyone who suffers from anxiety.

Customers have also praised Diamond’s Chull Plus gummies for helping them in overcoming panic attacks and anxiety. It simultaneously provides energy, mental clarity, and a mood lift. It also improves nighttime sleep and reduces anxiousness during the day. The company offers replacement on your defective or damaged order. In addition, their customer care service has garnered praise for their quick responses and professionalism.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Diamond CBD

#5. 3Chi – Most Affordable Delta 8 Edibles


Since its founding, 3Chi has been the leading provider of delicious, all-natural, gluten-free delta-8 gummies. These gummies are the work of reputable scientists who have lots of experience in the industry. Each gummy is meticulously handcrafted in small amounts to ensure that each one has the delectable homemade flavor that sticky candy enthusiasts crave.


3Chi delta 8 THC products are made by a team of highly skilled hemp experts with decades of experience under their belts. The company prioritizes quality, safety, and adherence to federal regulations. Their delta-8 gummies are made from all-natural ingredients, making them suitable for everyone. They are also animal cruelty-free since no animals are harmed from the growing of hemp to delta-8 THC extraction and processing.

Moreover, all their products go through mandatory third-party labs for independent lab testing. These tests check for harmful substances such as solvents from the extraction process, heavy metals, pesticides, or other additives. They also check to confirm the amount of delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids. The best part is that these results are easily accessible through the company’s website. As such, their delta-8 gummies together with all their products contain legal amounts of THC.

3Chi delta-8 gummies are available in watermelon and black raspberry flavors. Each of these flavors will leave you wishing for more as you enjoy the benefits of delta-8 THC. The company’s website is pretty straightforward and contains all the information you may need about their products. Placing orders is also streamlined, and orders are processed as soon as the company receives them. Lastly, they have a dedicated customer support team that is always on standby to answer any of your questions or concerns.


  • Vegan
  • Affordable
  • Third-party tested
  • All organic ingredients
  • Available on Amazon
  • Provides cold-shipping


  • Melts in hotter areas
  • Free shipping only for orders above $99

Customer Reviews

There are so many aspects of this product that people adore. The packaging is stunning, and it’s straightforward to open (and reseal), which is a huge benefit. Also, people enjoy how the company individually wrapped gummies to prevent them from being sticky and nasty when you try to unwrap them. People also commented on how delicious these gummies are.

However, some were slightly concerned because they appeared smaller than regular gummies but were pleasantly surprised after tasting one. They are neither too hard nor too soft, and they have the same flavor as conventional delta 8 THC gummy bears. In addition, the delta-8 THC kicks in quickly and lasts longer.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of 3Chi

How We Chose These Brands Of Delta 8 Edibles

Finding reputable brands in the hemp industry can be challenging. To come up with a list of the best products, we researched all brands claiming to offer delta-8 gummies. The list was quite long, and we had to develop criteria for ranking them so that we could choose the absolute best.

Some of the key aspects we considered when making this list include:

  • Price

Delta-8 products are not cheap. Therefore, one of the main things we considered is the price and the value. Price alone is not enough to decide which brand is superior since some may cost more but offer superior products. Given these, we considered the quality of the product and other value-added services.

We were also keen on brands that sell delta-8 gummies for an unreasonably low cost. Such products are likely to contain harmful chemicals that cause adverse health complications. The brands on this list offer superior quality products at reasonable prices.

  • Brand Reputation

Before purchasing any delta-8 product, it is essential to understand its brand. Since this is a relatively new industry, many new brands are coming up each day. As many as they are, good-quality delta-8 gummies always come from brands with an excellent reputation.

One of the easiest ways to check a brand’s reputation is checking what consumers have to say about it. Consumers who genuinely liked a product are likely to come back with glowing reviews. Similarly, those who experienced disappointment often come back to warn others about the company. Also, while older companies often have a better reputation than newer ones, some new companies are worth trying. Therefore, we also considered new brands with good reputations.

  • Shipping Services

Even the best products would be disappointing if the shopping and shipping processes were a nightmare. Top brands always ensure that users can easily access their products, and their website should contain all the necessary information that potential buyers may need.

  • Extraction Method

Hemp plants rapidly take in any foreign materials in the soil. As such, the best quality hemp should be grown organically. Similarly, the extraction method used to obtain delta-8 THC from the hemp plants is a determinant factor on the quality of the end product. While some brands reduce the cost of delta-8 products by opting for a less effective extraction method, these methods often leave residue in the extracted compounds.

These additives can result in adverse health effects. Top brands use carbon dioxide extraction, a safe and environmentally friendly extraction method. We only considered brands that use the safest extraction technique.

  • Customer Service

We also considered how a brand serves its customers. Even brands with the best products can have a tarnished reputation if they do not serve their customers well. Therefore, we observed how the identified brands deal with their customers. Moreover, we also considered which channels are available for consumers to raise their concerns. Consumers can contact these companies through live chat, phone, email, and text.

Lastly, we tested how quickly these brands respond to consumer queries. Only those with quick response times made it to our list, and those with after-sale services such as money-back guarantees and return policies are also included.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is one of the most reliable ways to confirm the quality of a product. They provide honest and trustworthy feedback informing other potential customers whether the product is good to use or not. Apart from the reviews on the company’s websites, we also went to popular consumer review platforms for unaltered independent reviews. Consequently, we shaded off brands with shady reviews and prioritized those that consumers had positive things to say.

Buyer’s Guide: What You Should Look for In the Best Delta-8 THC Gummies

Delta-8 THC is a marijuana extract that contains less than 1% of the cannabinoids found in weed – but it’s still a potent drug. This section will show you how to find the best delta-8 gummies on the market. It is challenging to decide which one might be the best for you with many different sellers out there. Therefore, we’ll help you navigate your choices and avoid overpriced rip-offs from low-quality manufacturers.

Here are some key factors that you should consider when choosing delta-8 gummies:

  • Brand Reputation

As stated earlier, good-quality delta-8 products often come from reputable companies. Before you purchase any delta-8 gummies, compare the leading brands in the industry and compare them. Also, consider the experience of the team behind each brand. While some of the top delta-8 brands are new to the market, they often have industry veterans leading the company.

  • Ingredients List

When you find a supplier that meets your needs, visit their website and look at the ingredients used in making your preferred product. For example, if you consider purchasing strawberry-flavored delta-8 gummies, you should expect delta-8 THC oil with natural strawberry flavors in the ingredients list.

Some brands add artificial chemicals to the products to enhance their taste, effect, and durability. While such additives can have numerous benefits, they can also cause long-term effects. As such, we would recommend going for brands that use all-natural ingredients.

  • Extraction Technique

The extraction technique refers to the method used by the company to extract delta-8 THC and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant. As you might already know, the quality of the extracted compounds largely depends on the extraction method. For the best experience, you should ensure that the method used allows the end product to retain as much of the natural elements as possible.

The carbon dioxide extraction method is by far the cleanest and safest extraction technique. Since this method does not involve the use of solvents, the end product will be free of any residue. In addition, the extracted compounds will be potent and effective. On the downside, this extraction method is quite costly and could significantly increase the cost of the end product. However, remember that your health should always come first.

  • Consumer Reviews

Another essential factor you should consider before making the buying decision is what past consumers have to say about it. Since you may not know anyone who has used these products, the internet is your best bet on finding legit reviews. Check the company’s website and different consumer review platforms for independent reviews.

  • Dosage

The strength of delta-8 gummy candies can vary, so choose a product with your preferred dosage range. As a beginner, knowing your perfect dose can be challenging. Fortunately, top brands always provide enough information to help you decide how many delta-8 gummies you should take. It is advisable to begin with, small dosages and gradually increase them as you observe how your body reacts.

  • Flavors

One of the best things about delta-8 gummies is that you get to enjoy their flavor as well as the benefits of delta-8. When selecting the best gummies, consider brands that offer a variety of flavors to choose from. Top delta-8 brands constantly look for new ways to make their products more palatable without affecting the intended effect. Opt for a brand that offers a range of exciting flavors that you can interchange as you seek to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions About THC Gummies

Q1. What are the ingredients in delta-8 gummies?

Although different brands make different delta-8 gummies, the similarity is that they all include delta-8 THC as an active component. Inactive ingredients may consist of gelatin, glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, carnauba wax, and stearic acid.

Q2. How do I take delta-8?

Taking delta-8 sublingually is the most effective method (under the tongue). Place the product under your tongue and let it dissolve for the best results. For fast results when taking delta-8 edibles, first suck on it before you chew it. You should expect the effects to kick in in as little as ten minutes, whichever your intake method. In some people, it may take longer.

Q3. What are the different strains of marijuana?

Marijuana comes in many different strains. The two most popular are Sativa and Indica, both of which have unique effects on your body. There are also hybrids of the two. These hybrids usually give you a combination of both Sativa and Indica effects. For example, White Widow is Sativa-dominant (60% Sativa and 40%), while Sour Diesel is an Indica-dominant hybrid (75% Indica and 25% Sativa).

The higher the percentage of Sativa in a strain, the more energizing it tends to be. It will generally be more relaxing if it has more Indica in its genetics.

Yes. They are legal to sell, buy, and take as a dietary supplement worldwide in all 50 states. However, different countries may have different laws. If you intend to travel with delta-8 gummies, consult first.

Q5. Are delta-8 gummies safe?

The answer to this question depends on how the hemp was grown to how the product was manufactured. Pure delta 8 THC gummies are absolutely safe. Although the research on its long-term effects is still in its infancy, delta-8 has so far shown no adverse health effects.

However, if the delta-8 gummy is not pure, the additives may cause health complications. Consequently, you should always be keen on the brand you buy from. Those with publicly accessible Certificate of Analysis (COA) prove that they contain what they should and are therefore safe to consume.

Q6. How do I know if delta-8 gummies are right for me?

If you’re new to the world of hemp-derived products or have previously been disappointed, it’s crucial to be patient while trying a new product. Delta-8 gummies are best suited for individuals seeking to enjoy the benefits of delta-8 THC but do not like the taste that comes with delta-8 products. These gummies are also suited for beginners seeking to explore the world of hemp-derived products.

Q7. What is the best time to take delta-8 gummies?

You can take delta-8 gummies anytime during the day because it has no time constraints. Some like to take these gummies on an empty stomach for quick results. You can take it any time as long as you maintain the required dosage.

Q8. What is the shelf life of delta-8 gummies?

Delta-8 gummies typically have a one-year shelf life. However, not all brands are the same. Some may expire sooner, while others may last longer. The surest way to know the shelf life of delta-8 gummies is to check with the brand. Most brands will contain cush information on their website. In addition, the product package also comes with such information.

Delta 8 – Conclusion

Delta-8 gummies are a great way to indulge in something sweet without having to sacrifice your health. We have discussed the five best brands and given you all the info you need to choose the best product for your needs. Whether you want a single flavor or multiple flavors, there is a delta-8 gummy out there for you. You can even find a product with no artificial sweeteners to avoid ingesting substances that can be detrimental to your health.

If you doubt which brand to buy delta-8 gummies from, consult our buying guide for a list of factors you should consider before purchasing delta-8 gummies. You can also refer to the frequently asked questions for answers to any questions you may have. Lastly, feel free to pick any of our top brands if you need the best delta-8 gummies.