U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings out of touch

Dear Editor,

Reading the column “Now is the time to build the Keystone XL Pipeline” (March 14, 2013) by U.S. Representative Hastings two weeks ago in your paper reminds me how out of touch he is with our community.

His column lectures us on the need for the Keystone pipeline project. A few weeks ago your paper ran an article about the Tonasket School District not having enough funds to return to a full student day. Rep. Hastings writes about the jobs Keystone will create. I have heard that the sequester will cost at least one position in each of the school districts in our valley.

For many weeks we have been reading about the economic problems of our Hospital District to the point they are closing the extended care facility.

Instead of writing in the paper what he thinks we should support I wish our representative would read the paper and know that we are struggling.

I’m sure big oil is able to give more money for reelection than struggling members of our community.

We need elected leaders who care about citizens not just big business.

Thank you,

Scott Olson