Letters to the Editor

Sick humor

Dear Editor,

This post, supposedly funny, of a semi that hit a deer or cow, all bloodied, with the caption: “just drove through Minneapolis, didn’t see any protestors” is a sick comment about the man who posted it. That would be our own county commissioner, Jim DeTro. Shameful for him and embarrassing for our county. We are better than this… aren’t we?

Sandra Vaughn


May we find positive peace

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Wauconda and Tonasket for 10 years. My young daughter was born at home in Wauconda. I’m a city kid, who loved dandelions, one of the few flowers that grew freely in some of our backyards. This is my home now. Taking in the vista each time you descend down from Havillah Road is one of the best experiences in my life.

Of late, on a local Tonasket News and Views Facebook Group, because of some of the beliefs I have shared about myself, some individuals in our community call me a Socialist, a Communist, a threat to America. And, a worse threat to America than Covid-19. In one breath, they say I am a foreign and domestic enemy and in the next breath they say they will bear arms to defend America against foreign and domestic enemies.

We are not each other’s enemy. We are humans facing together the Covid-19 health emergency and facing together the reverberations of the brutal and disproportionate killing of persons of color and the recent deaths of more Black men and women in our nation.

When you act out of hatred, you are cruel, you break hearts and you do not epitomize community. We now need to heal and grow stronger. Each day we go about caring for our loved ones and our community. May our want for understanding be stronger than our need to be right. Instead of seeking negative peace may we find positive peace and finally, may we see that our community’s diversity is our gem.

Jennifer Ward