Trailhead – accidents waiting to happen

Dear Editor,

Ten seconds (or less) is all it takes a vehicle to come around the curve from the south to the fancy new (Whistler Canyon) trailhead entry to Highway 97. A loaded horse trailer behind a pickup takes how long to go from stop to the proper lane on the highway?

I don’t like the thought of more bodies on the highway to pull out of the oncoming traffic! People coming from the south especially have no warning or way to avoid this problem as it stands. The very law of physics shows it a real disaster waiting to happen.

This I know and I cringe as traffic flies by for me to be a witness to the very set up in which an innocent driver took out my husband under these same circumstances 17 years ago.

It seems logical there should be some serious warning signs and speed slowede for this otherwise death trap! I’ve been there.

In God we trust,

Betty Roberts