Okanogan County Emergency Management reports 911 and phone outage

OKANOGAN – Okanogan County Emergency Management is reporting there is a 911 and telephone outage that is impacting Okanogan County, most of Washington State and several other states.

Landline, wireless and VOIP calling is impacted and may not connect to the 911 Dispatch Center when people call 911.

“If your attempt to call 911 fails try our business line 509-422-7232, should that fail try one of our two back up lines 509-422-6968 or 509-422-6967,” reads Emergency Management’s report. “Functioning phone lines are at a bare minimum so please only call if you have an emergency.”

The length of this outage is not known. Updates will be published as information is available. The Okanogan County 911 Dispatch Center is working with the Washington State 911 office address the situation.