Letters to the Editor Week 33

Nurse was calm and kind

Dear Editor,

We are looking to thank a nurse who lives somewhere in Nighthawk. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were in a very bad car accident. A nurse named Tasha was the first person there to help us and the people in the other car. It seemed like it took a long time for the ambulance and police to arrive but she took care of all of us until they got there. My husband has heart problems and she looked after him right away. We’d like to thank her because she was so calm and kind and knew exactly what to do. A truck driver also stopped but we can’t seem to recall his name. If he reads this, thank you also.

Barbara and John Simmons



honesty the best policy

Dear Gary, 

I’m writeing this letter and hoping it will soften the heart of the person who took my wife’s purse. On Tuesday, July 28th in the afternoon my wife just finished shopping at the local shopping center. In her haste to get out of the sun she jumped in the car and turned the AC on while my son unloaded the groceries from the cart and promptly returned it to the cart stall. 

She then drove home and noticed her purse missing and in her panic returned to the shopping center to look in the cart where she forgot it. To her dismay it was gone! It only had a dollar and some change! The hardest part is replacing all the items in there and feeling so violated that this person or persons have a lot of personal information. Of coarse we have cancelled everything credit card chech card etc… 

I just want this person to try to put themselves in our shoes and promptly return the purse to the local post office or even the police department. Remember honesty is always the best policy and the Lord God is watching and knows all things and someday they will have to answer for it! 


Dan and Dottie Bowlin


Simple research would make 

fewer corrections

Dear Editor,

I read Steve Lorz’ latest letter with amusement. (Wasn’t it Steve that a few months ago falsely asserted in a letter to this paper that President Obama was going to spend several billion on the “Fantasy Train” from Disneyland to Las Vegas??). I digress.

It seems the right have a very difficult time focused on facts, so let me make a couple of quick points regarding his latest babble:

1. Mr. Connot, in his response to Mr. Slusher, rightly pointed out that Mr. Slushers letter was demonstrably false. The Sotomayer story ran in ALL the major print and electronic media. I know, I saw the story in the NY Times, CNN, CNBC, etc, the day it broke. So drop it. Connot was right. Slusher was wrong.

2. Sonya Sotomayer’s comments (“A wise Latina”…) that were seized upon by the rabid right wing shout machine were almost identical to comments made by Justices Alito, Roberts, and Thomas when they were in front of the senate. (Steve, look it up, its all there to research in the government records).

It amazes me how much time is spent correcting letters from the far right that wouldn’t exist if a few minutes of simple research were done beforehand to correct them. I admit to a left leaning bias, and make no bones about it. I’ve been reading this fine paper for years, and cannot think of a single instance where someone on the left made as blatant a false statement as the one in Slushers letter (or the letter on the Fantasy Train by Lorz). Guys, do your homework, and save us all a lot of time!

Greg James


Keep rural folks in mind

Dear Editor, 

Readers and law makers, I am a small-scale cheese producer with a farmstead of sheep and dairy goats.  My husband and I have no health insurance and rarely seek health care. When we do, we make use of naturopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors as much or more than mainstream medical caregivers. 

We need a healthcare system that allows everyone to make use of what works best for each individual. And we need it to be affordable as well as flexible. Most of all, we need to not have to factor costs into every decision to get the help we need. We are also a very, very small business which would be ruined by having to supply any kind of health care coverage to any employee we might be able to afford to hire. I urge our senators to support health care reform that works for rural communities, small business and our family farms and ranches and I urge Okanogan County residents to write or call our senators with the same message.

As a small farm and business, we hope to be part of the revitalization of our depressed rural community and want very much to continue to be. Farms, ranches and small businesses dominate the rural economy. Health care reform that supports them will boost entrepreneurial development and help revitalize rural America. Reform legislation should provide options – including the choice of a public health insurance option – for small businesses that are the backbone of the rural economy.

Rural America also needs access to health care that provides quality, affordable options to everyone. And, in the tradition of our small towns, we need to be able to develop a relationship with our caregivers, for them to be able to take time with us, know our lifestyle and our needs. We need a system that treats rural providers fairly and creates incentives to keep our doctors, nurses and other providers in our small towns. And, we need to not have to travel so far for specialists and treatments!

I hope our senators will keep rural America, our farmers and ranchers and small business owners in mind as they seek to reform health care.

M.Clare Paris, 


Larkhaven Farmstead 



A caution to those who rent houses

Dear Editor,

Caution! To anyone that is thinking about renting out a house! First of all I will apologize to the renters tha
t take care of their rental homes and have the respect not to trash the inside and outside of the house with bags of garbage, feces in said house and filth of every type!

Next an apology to the single mothers that care enough about their children and themselves to care about their living conditions.

We rented to a woman that came to view our house with a woman from an Okanogan agency. The gal from the agency was very concerned about the safety and condition of the house. It was approved and rented to the woman and children!

Why we were not told of the previous drug abuse and trashing of other peoples property is a mystery to me!

It didn’t take long to find out about the drugs, verbal abuse of the children or the knowledge of the fact the house was being trashed, first broken windows, front and back doors with LARGE holes in them. Then no front door and lots of promises of having them repaired.

A scheduled inspection by me and the lady from the agency found feces, flies, the front entrance had no door, the carpets were shredded by animals and stained with unknown stuff. Plus there was feces found under stacks of clothing an all floors, the toilets were so black it took a professional to get them clean!

She was given a 30-day notice at this time, a 10-day notice, and a three-day notice! We hired a lawyer, she was given a 30-day notice, a 10-day notice and court date, which she didn’t show for! The judge gave her a 10-day notice and she finally left. Leaving us with a dumpster of dirty garbage to greasy fish in the oven, maggots in the fridge, four broken windows, carpets that had to be pulled out, no doors, holes in walls, a complete disaster! And no one is responsible for any of the damage, clean up or the nearly three months that she squatted in our house with no rent and no water or power for two weeks!

Needless to say we will never rent a place out again!

June Bardonski


P.S. To Dan Dixon: Thank goodness you’re back, even if we don’t always agree with you. I think it’s called freedom of speech and I’m not “blathering.”

Content of their character causes the concern

Dear Gary, 

I’m writing in response to Dan Dixon’s letter insinuating that I, along with other white men who didn’t want to see Sonya Sotomayor appointed to the Supreme Court now think we “are being turned into second class citizens.”  The point in my last letter was that S.S. is not qualified because she is an activist judge and that her decisions as an appeallet court judge bear that out.  She opposed a group of fireman in a reverse discrimination law suit. But maybe, from her point of view there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. 

I suppose that we need to look at our judges not on their ability to interpret the law, but on their gender and nationality. I guess in this way “a lot of racial injustice will be resolved” in Dan’s mind. The good thing about this appointment is, that our legislators replaced one lousy judge with another that could possibly be worse, and we can celebrate this selection because she has ovaries, and isn’t white, right Dan?  The point to Dan’s letter is the same scab that Obama has picked at from time to time, it is something they can scratch at and then point at someone else and say you made it bleed, you’re a racist. Dan, ask yourself a question, would Sonya have even made it out of the ladies’ restroom if she was strongly pro life, pro family, pro constitution and pro America? 

 Oh, and about my “paranoia” as you put it, I don’t think it was dad’s fault, it was his grandfather’s fault. He came here from another country to get away from the tyranny there, so the ability to spot it has been handed down through the years. And with the 31 Czars in our current government it isn’t hard to miss.  As “Dr. King’s dream” put it, it is not the color of their skin but the content of their character that makes me concerned about the “future” of my “children’s, children’s lives.” 

Steve Lorz


A tax on toilet paper proposed by Oregon Democrat

Dear Editor,

Democrats are hitting us again!  Taxing toilet paper, cooking oil, toothpaste, cosmetics and other products we dispose in our waste water, was proposed by Oregon’s Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer. His tax will be aimed at the manufacturing level. H.R.3203 is called the Water Protection and Reinvestment Act of 2009 but will further burden our economy.

Taxes at any level become a part of corporate expenses increasing corporate profit. His “financed broadly by small fees” will multiply before it reaches you, the consumer. Toilet tax will increase the profits for the companies by increasing prices far beyond that of the original tax. The 3% excise tax will ultimately take much more out of our pocketbooks than just 3%.

As prices rise, the value of our money declines. Democrats contribute to inflation with every tax implemented. Bigger government, more taxes and regulations become oppression to the worker and the poor. The adage is that “Democrats are for the poor.” It sounds more like the Democrats are for corporations, increasing their profits.  Taxes and regulation increase inflation and unemployment rates. Democrats prove they are not for the working family and the poor.

Roger W Hancock

Auburn Washington