Border Patrol arrests smuggler near Oroville and Visa overstay during Labor Day Weekend

SPOKANE – U.S. Border Patrol Agents within Spokane Sector were involved in two notable arrests over the Labor Day weekend, including near Oroville.

USBP LogoIn Oroville, agents observed two individuals walking in a remote area near the United States/Canadian border. The agents approached the individuals and conducted an investigation. Agents were able to determine that both individuals were citizens of Mexico and had just illegally entered the United States from Canada and didn’t have proper immigration documents. Simultaneously, Customs and Border Protection Officers at the Oroville Port of Entry alerted to a vehicle attempting to enter the U.S. It was determined that the vehicle was registered to one of the individuals who was just arrested by the Border Patrol and the driver (a U.S. citizen) intended to pick them up after they illegally crossed into the United States and further aid their illegal entry. The driver was charged with alien smuggling and the vehicle was seized. The two Mexican nationals will be held pending removal proceedings.

In Spokane, agents encountered a citizen of Yemen at the Spokane Intermodal Bus Station. Upon questioning, it was determined that the subject had legally entered the U.S. through JFK Airport in New York in February of 2018 with a valid B1/B2 visa. The visa expired in August of 2018, however he did not renew the visa or exit the U.S. as required by law. He was arrested and is being transported to the Northwest ICE Processing center in Tacoma to await his removal proceedings.

“Agents are constantly working to ensure our laws are followed and our communities are safe,” stated Chief Patrol Agent Henry Rolon. “Whether it is a smuggling event or a visa overstay, my agents will continue to do their job to make sure those breaking U.S. laws are arrested and prosecuted. I appreciate the assistance and tremendous support we receive from the community as we continue to complete our important mission.”