911 Calls & Jail Bookings

Monday, June 3, 2013

  • A report of trespassing on Hwy. 97 near Tonasket. Unknown subject prowling in reporting party’s garage. Subject left when RP yelled that cops were called.
  • A report of a Domestic Dispute on Swanson Mill Rd. near Oroville. Male and female in physical control and verbal altercation.
  • Traffic hazard on N. Second Ave. in Okanogan. Report of a doe running in the street.
  • Burglary on S. Seventh Ave. in Okanogan. Report that hypnotist took RP’s jewelry, entering the residence during the night.
  • Theft on N. Fourth Ave. in Okanogan. Son’s bike taken from yard sometime during the night. While driving on River Ave. Male seen riding bike and bike was recovered and returned to owner.
  • Theft on Rodeo Trail Road near Okanogan. Riding mower taken from location over the weekend.
  • Stray Animal on Riverside Cutoff Rd. near Riverside. Eight horses running down the middle of the road.
  • Littering on Dry Gulch Rd. east of Oroville. Unknown subject dumping garbage on RP’s rental property.
  • Animal abuse on Robinson Canyon Rd. near Omak. Horses and cows in pasture haven’t had food for past three days.
  • Domestic dispute on Golden St. in Oroville. Subject has key to RP’s vehicle and says he’s going to run it into the river.
  • Alvin Shawnetz Potts, 28, booked for malicious mischief-DV, third.
  • Alicia Lynn Flores, 34, booked on FTC warrant for unlawful procession of a firearm.
  • Destiny Fay Carlton, 34, booked on FTA warrants for DWLS, third and failure to transfer title.
  • Jessika Marie Bagby, 31, booked and released for endangerment with controlled substance.
  • Kyle Christopher Davis, 23, booked for rape of a child.
  • Kitty Mae Bird, 32, booked for theft third.
  • Anastasia Marie King, 20, booked for FTA warrant theft third.
  • Martin Ray Hoffman, 29, booked for fourth degree assault-DV.
  • Marcos Florention Rosas, 28, booked for document detainer.
  • Jerimiah Van Tachell, 21, booked for reckless driving and Lincoln County warrant FTA DWLS third.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

  • Animal problem on Gavin Rd. near Oroville.
  • Stray animal on Salmon Creek Rd. near Okanogan. Loose horse along the roadway.
  • Runaway juvenile from B&O Rd. near Okanogan. RP’s 17-year-old daughter left for Okanogan High School graduation Saturday and has not returned to residence.
  • Hazardous Material call to Twin Lakes Drive in Winthrop. Found cylinder that says ricin in the garage. RP feels it is safe as it has been at location for awhile.
  • Civil dispute on Cayuse Mtn. Rd. near Tonasket. Requested call regarding a vehicle theft by male subject. Vehicle is not registered to any party involved, multiple sales without changing title.
  • DWLS on N. Hwy. 97 near Tonasket.
  • Fraud report on W. River Rd. near Omak. Woman believes her ex-husband forged her signature on a settlement check from a class action suit.
  • Vehicle prowl on Pine St. in Okanogan. Vehicle at Club Tavern was entered and suitcase taken, nothing was inside.
  • Theft on Elmway in Okanogan. Pressure washer taken from location by male subject some time during the last week of May.
  • Civil complaint on Molson Rd. near Oroville. Problem with thefts in the area, RP is requesting a call for options regarding what they can do to protect themselves and their property. Asked, “We can’t just shoot them can we?”
  • Weapons offense on Cobey Creek Rd. near Tonasket. Neighbor pulled a handgun on reporting party two days before while both were on RP’s property.
  • Theft on Hwy. 97, someone cut fence over the weekend and siphoned approximately half a tank of fuel.
  • Agency assist on Hwy. 97 near Oroville for WSP to check for debris on roadway, possibly a lamppost.
  • Harassment at Homestead Trailer Court Rd. in Omak. Female subject came to residence and yelled at RP about her husband.
  • Brittany Anne Smith, 23, booked on FTA warrant for possession of a legend drug-no subscription.
  • Lisa Lynn Oliver, 41, booked on a document hold.
  • Gary Eugene Kelley, 48, booked for violation of a no contact order.
  • Robert Joseph L. Parisien, 18, FTA warrant for possession of marijuana less than 40 grams and DWLS second.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

  • Trespassing on Golden St. in Oroville. Neighbor just evicted subject and now believes someone is in the residence.
  • Stray animal on Green Lake Rd. in Okanogan. Gray Arabian mare at large.
  • DWLS on Apple Way Rd. in Okanogan. Officer needs tow of vehicle at location as male subject has fled on foot.
  • Domestic dispute on Stage Coach Loop Rd. near Oroville.
  • Agency assist on Hwy. 20. WSP requests OCSO unit check area for reported collision in area with vehicle about to go off the edge of the road.
  • Theft on Conconully St. in Okanogan. Report of guns taken from RV that was parked outside the parent’s house.
  • Theft from Geenacres Rd. in Riverside. Theft from vehicle occurred last week.
  • Theft from Apple Way Rd. in Okanogan. Television stolen from location.
  • Suspicious circumstances on Hwy. 7 near Tonasket. RP saw a woman in red shirt and blue jean shorts and hiking boots try to open door of another residence in area.
  • Threats on Shumway and Robinson Canyon roads. Employer had argument with employee and employee then left threatening messages on RP’s phone.
  • DWLS on Hwy. 7 near Tonasket. Subject cited and released when licensed driver showed up to give her a ride.
  • Malicious Mischief on N. Second Ave. in Okanogan. Two customer’s vehicles were keyed last night at location.
  • Weapons Offense on Chiliwist Rd. in Okanogan. RP stopped at residence yesterday to drop off egg cartons. An approximately 10-year-old female juvenile came out of residence with a rifle with a scope. Unknown if it was a toy, but pointed at RP’s vehicle all the way out of the driveway.
  • Recovered property on Cobey Creek Rd. near Tonasket. Have male subject detained.
  • Medical to Railroad Ave. Unknown male asking for ambulance for poison oak.
  • Traffic offense on S. Second Ave. in Okanogan. Erratically driven newer Ford Mustang. Traveling approximately 100 mph and nearly struck RP head on.
  • Vicious animal call on Hwy. 7 about 3/4 miles from Tonasket. Wife bit by stray dog at location about one hour ago.
  • Animal problem on Mt. Anne and FS31 Rd near Tonasket. Two horses and one mule appear to not be getting adequate food.
  • Sara Marie Ohmer, 40, booked for criminal trespass, second and resisting arrest.
  • James Arik Schrock, 20, booked for DUI.
  • Clydell Sam Kate, FTA warrant for hit-and-run unattended.
  • Kevin Joseph Lafourse, 38, booked for assault-DV fourth.
  • Jorge Luis Rodriquez Lopez, 20, booked for DUI.
  • Mark Vincent Napoli, 44, booked for trafficking stolen property first degree.
  • Eavid John Donovan, 53, booked for possession of stolen property and felony possession of a firearm.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

  • Medical call on O’Neil Rd. south of Oroville. Older four door Subaru parked at location with male and female passengers.
  • Billy Joe Rosenkilde, 34, booked on Superior Court FTA warrants for POCS-Methamphetamine, use of paraphernalia, second degree vehicle prowling, third degree theft, malicious mischief, third degree and theft, third and trespass, second.
  • Kimberly Porter, 48, booked on a FTA warrant for theft, third.
  • David James Lavin, 53, booked for theft, second.
  • Russell Ellis Gardner, 20, booked for DWLS, third.
  • Kareen Jo Shawl, booked for FTA warrants for assault, fourth and harassment.

Friday, June 7, 2013

  • Harrassment on Barker Rd. east of Tonasket. RP’s husband told RP that female subject is harassing RP’s 14-year-old daughter.
  • Injury accident on Hwy. 97 near Tonasket. TPD reports two vehicle collision, one male walking around the vehicle. Rear end collision.
  • Vicious animal complaint on Clarkston Mill Rd. south of Tonasket. Ongoing problem with two pit bulls running at large.
  • Civil complaint on Davies Rd. near Oroville. RP requesting call regarding neighbor’s spraying for weeds and chemicals are coming towards her residence.
  • DWLS on Hwy. 7 near Tonasket.
  • Theft from E. Cayuse Mtn. Rd. near Tonasket. Snowplow taken approximately 20 hours ago by two identified subjects.
  • Lyle Zachary Long, 27, booked for DWLS, third; violation of interlock and violation of no contact order.
  • Raymond Neil Hobbs, 30, booked for DUI and DWLS, third.
  • Warren Eugene McCrea, 25, booked for document detainer.
  • Rachel Rawley, 36, booked for possession less than 40, residential burglary and theft third.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

  • Traffic hazard on Swanson Mill Rd. Ford pickup parked backed into ditch and out into roadway.
  • DWLS on Hwy. 97 aned Wards Rd. south of Oroville.
  • Trespassing on Main St. in Oroville. Male subject trespassed in store that has been trespassed from there before.
  • Suspicious circumstances on Ellemeham Mtn. Rd. and Golden Rd. One subject transported to USBP office.
  • Domestic dispute on N. Juniper in Omak. Male and female yelling, two other people there. Sounds like it might get physical.
  • Joseph Clay Bridges, 41, booked for assault-DV, fourth.
  • Juan Gabriel Cazarez-Ramos, 37, booked for DUI.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

  • Report of intoxicated subject in residence on Hwy. 7 near Oroville. Subject has been removed from residence.
  • Illegal burning on Jennings Loop Rd. in Oroville. OPD will make contact to have them put it out.
  • Weapons Offense on E. Cayuse Mtn. Rd. near Tonasket. Subjects shooting at RP’s cows in the area.
  • DWLS on W. Fourth St. in Tonasket.
  • Theft on McLaughlin Canyon Rd. near Riverside. Female subject took bottle of fake pills from RP’s residence approximately one week ago.
  • Elissa Paige Logan, 18, booked for assault-DV, fourth.
  • Adam Charles Luntford, 38, booked for assault-DV, fourth.
  • Jose Oscar Ornelas-Perez, 38, booked on a USBP detainer.
  • Oscar Alfred Alden, 23, booked for second degree murder.
  • Jesus Edominguez-Martinez, 30, booked for DWLS, first; obstructing and resisting arrest.
  • Nathaniel Wade Shocley, 33, booked on an FTA warrants for possession less than 40 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
  • Celia Amanda Paul, 29, booked on WSP FTC warrants for DWLS, third and vehicle interlock violation.


DUI – Driving Under the Influence

DWLS/R – Driving While License Suspended/Revoked

POSC – Possession of a Controlled Substance

MIP/C – Minor in Possession/Consumption

TMVWOP – Taking a Motor Vehicle without Owner’s Permission

DV – Domestic Violence

FTA – Failure to Appear (on a warrant)

FTPF – Failure to Pay Fine

RP – Reporting Party

OCSO – Okanogan County Sheriff’s Officer

USBP – U.S. Border Patrol

CBP – U.S. Customs and Border Protection

ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement