Levy meeting at Oroville High School

OROVILLE – The Oroville School District has scheduled a Levy Information Night, Jan. 22, from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. prior to the regular school board meeting in the high school library.

The district is planning on running its two-year Maintenance and Operations Levy in February. The board has decided to seek the same amount it has in the last several two-year levies — $1,497,371 without increasing the amount. However, House Bill 2242 allows only the collection of $1.50 per $1000 in assessed valuation and to reach the amount needed by the district it would take $2.72/$1000. The state has promised to make up the difference through its own property tax.

According to Superintendent Jeff Hardesty the school board decided to go with the larger collection amount as the legislature continues to tweak its court ordered mandate to fully fund basic education.

The levy pays for extracurricular activities, clubs and athletics; Career/Life Skill Exploration; College in the High School curriculum and activities; Safety and security and Quality instruction training and staffing.

These topics and others will be discussed at the Levy Information meeting tonight.