Oroville Scholarship Foundation awards Continuing Education Scholarships

Awards total exceeds previous record

OROVILLE – For the third year in a row, the Oroville Scholarship Foundation (OSF) has broken their record in awarding Continuing Education funds to former OHS graduates. This year $8300 was available to give to nine applicants, who will receive varying amounts. These students are not this year’s OHS graduates, but are in the second or later year of schooling, or have returned to college after a extended time.

For this year, one person was awarded $1500, a second was awarded $1200 and seven people were awarded $800 each. Previously, the highest amount to be awarded to anyone was $800.

“The OSF raised all the funds through their different projects, including the popular Spring Variety Show and Auction, the fun-filled Children’s toy basket and keepsake quality quilt, and by the many donations by local businesses, families and memorials,” said Salley Bull, with the foundation. “All funds raised are awarded and paid directly to the institutions for the applicant’s schooling expenses in time for the winter quarter.”

Bull adds, “OSF, a locally based all volunteer nonprofit group, appreciates the continued support of our community and believes that each dollar helps makes a difference for these former OHS graduates.”