Chester ‘Chet’ Allen Appel

Chester “Chet” Allen Appel was born in Tonasket, Wash. on April 8, 1945 to Howard and Susan Appel. He died Dec. 5, 2021.

Chester “Chet” Allen Appel was born in Tonasket, Washington on April 8, 1945 to Howard and Susan Appel, Chet was the sixth of eight Appel kids. He passed away on December 5, 2021.

He and his wife Vicki made their home in Nikiski, Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula. He was a Union 302 heavy equipment operator and mechanic for many years.

If you knew Grandma Appel, you’d know she’d have loved a preacher for a son. Chet did his best. She referred to him as her “bar stool preacher” and she was always proud of him.

To son Tracy, he was both father and friend. Fishing in the creek and taking the spoils home to Grandma Appel to fry up was a fond memory. Tracy recalls his dad was always up for a game of Cribbage and remains at the top of the list of the best Cribbage players he knows.

“I laugh when I remember arm wrestling him. As as young kid and into my adult years, I really thought I could beat him, but was never successful. I’ll miss my dad and am so thankful for so many great memories.”

Grandson Seth adds that “Papa” was always so much fun. “For as long as I can remember, when he spoke, he always had hand gestures. Of course, I was mesmerized by his unique index finger…the one cut off in a mechanic accident. I wanted to have a finger just like Papa Chet’s and asked my dad how I could get one like that!”

Papa Chet loved to watch Seth’s kart races…and of course the racer loved the audience. A fond memory for both Seth and granddaughter Stephanie was one special 4th of July when they both flew out to Papa’s in Alaska. They spent a week exploring and fishing. Even grocery shopping was fun – Papa let them get whatever they wanted!

Stephanie adds, “Most of my memories of Grandpa included family BBQs, but the

trip to Alaska with cousin Seth was the best!”

Chet was preceded in death by parents Howard and Susan Appel; son, Stacy Appel; brother King Appel; sisters Judy McDaniel and Delicia Appel. He is survived by wife Vicky Appel; son Tracy (Sandy) Appel; grandson Seth Appel; daughter Christy Appel and granddaughter, Stephanie (Adam) McFarlan; brother John (Mary) Appel and sisters, Jan McDaniel and Goldie Kelso.