Washington State Launches Spread the Facts Public Awareness Campaign

What is COVID-19

The Spread the Facts campaign is urging all Washingtonians to Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Informed’

CAMP MURRAY, WA — Washington State Department of Health, Health Care Authority, Department of Social and Health Services and partner agencies recently launched a statewide public awareness campaign to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

The Spread the Facts campaign urges people in Washington to stay home, stay healthy and stay informed to help themselves, their families and their communities slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Our top priority is making sure people know how important it is to stay home. The harder we hit this straight on, the faster we can get back to normal,” Gov. Jay Inslee said. “But for many people, this is a difficult time. This campaign will make sure Washingtonians know where to find information about resources for food, housing, business support, and ways to cope with the anxiety and stress they may be feeling.”

People statewide will start seeing and hearing Spread the Facts, and Stay Home, Stay Healthy messaging on websites, in streaming and broadcast media, in print and other media this week. The goal of the campaign is to reinforce the importance of staying home while also providing resources for staying connected with loved ones and managing the stress and anxiety that many Washingtonians are experiencing.

All messages point people to Washington State’s COVID-19 website coronavirus.wa.gov for the latest information and resources related to COVID-19. People can also find easy-to-share infographicsvideos and more. Many materials are available in multiple languages.

The campaign is supported by many partners who are donating advertising space including Lamar Advertising (billboards), Google and Facebook.