Governor Jay Inslee extends ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ initiative until May 4

OLYMPIA – Washington State Governor Jay Inslee extended his “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order to May 4, which requires everyone in the state, with exceptions for essential workers and services, to say home to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

The order includes a ban on all gatherings, and closures of many businesses, unless those businesses are essential to the healthy functioning of our community, or are able to let employees work remotely from home.

“The things we are doing appear to be working,” said the governor.

Inslee said current forecasts predict deaths from the virus could climb to 1000 or higher. number of people that have positive has been increasing, according to the governor.

“We have an obligation to ourselves and loved ones to recognize we have a hard road ahead of us. That is why tonight I am extending our Stay Home, Stay Healthy initiative for an additional month, this order will now be in place through May 4th,” said Inslee. “Because the hard truth is that since I announced our Stay Home, Stay Health initiative… it was just over a week ago, the number of deaths that we have suffered and the number of confirmed cases has roughly doubled and May 4th is absolutely the soonest we could possibly achieve our ends to keep our loved ones safe.

“Over 250 of our fellow Washingtonians have died and we have over 6,000 Washingtonians that have already tested positive for this virus. Each one of these Washingtonians is a loss and each is an inspiration in the days ahead.”

Inslee went on to say that the state has yet to see the full weight of the virus.

“This order is not only justified it is morally necessary.

“We are not out of the woods yet. We will not except any needless deaths,” said Inslee.

The order builds on other unprecedented steps the state has taken to protect Washingtonians, including the closure of schools, restaurants, entertainment venues and other businesses where people congregate.

The goal is designed to reduce social interactions where this highly contagious virus can spread.

Here is what the order will do, effective until May 4:

It essentially requires every Washingtonian to minimize physical contact with others, unless they are pursuing essential activities, like grocery shopping, going to a doctor’s appointment or the pharmacy, or if they work at a business deemed essential to continue functioning during an emergency.

To watch the full press conference see:

Here’s Inslee’s original proclamation: ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ limits Washingtonians social interaction