Red Flag warning issued for Sunday could effect fire behavior

Evacuation update for Spur and Walker fire

WAUCONDA – A cold front is anticipated to move through Okanogan County, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a Red Flag Warning for tomorrow Sunday, Aug. 15.

The Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 6 working on the Spur, Walker and Chickadee Fires have made Okanogan County Emergency Management aware of tomorrow’s predicted weather and winds affecting fire behavior. The winds are predicted to be out of the west and southwest.

“We have reviewed each evac area specifically to determine the status of that specific area and how it pertains to the overall fire picture,” said Emergency Management in an update on the Spur, Walker and Chickadee fires. “Smoke remains dense over the fire minimizing the use of air support, limiting up to date information on fire behavior and perimeter.”

Today, Emergency Management was able to reduce some evacuation levels, however, several areas have increased and others are increasing to ensure safety and work towards their goal of providing advance notification, rather then last-minute emergent notifications.

A Red Cross Shelter is in standby at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 103 S. Whitcomb Ave, Tonasket WA. Persons needing a shelter may call Red Cross 509-670-5331.

State Route 20 remains o[en, with heavy fire personnel and equipment in the area. Motorists are asked to reduce their speed to 35 MPH from Aeneas Valley to Wauconda Pass and use headlights at all times.

Electric Power (Ferry County PUD) is off along Bonaparte Lake Road and Summer Road. Power was restored along State Route 20.

“At this time, we have a report of one trailer that was destroyed and are waiting on confirmation,” said Emergency Management.

Law enforcement will be patrolling the area for safety and Emergency Management asks for patience as they work to keep everyone safe and secure in the area.

  • Areas that were Level 3 that have reduced to Level 2 (Be Ready) Blue: Ranch, Highvalley, 3100 Road and Cape Labelle.
  • Areas that increase to Level 1 (Advisory) Yellow: Cayuse, Rehmke, Spring, Muskrat, County Line and Aspen
  • Areas that were Level 1 that increased to Level 2 (Be Ready) Blue: Buckhorn.
  • Areas increased to Level 2 (Be Ready) Blue: Razor, Dammel, Homestead, Nicholson and Giveout
  • Areas that increased to Level 3 (Evacuate NOW) Red: Bartroff, Pontiac, Ridgeback, NF-3200, Fox and Cougar
  • Areas that remain at Level 3 (Evacuate NOW) Red: Boy Scout, Walker Lake, Risingson, Boulder and Old Stage

Areas impacted may be viewed on the Okanogan County Advisory Map at (Emergency Management)

The fire information line is 509-557-7257. For more info