Candidate filing week begins Monday June 7

OKANOGAN – Those seeking public office in Okanogan County in the November elections must file during filing week Monday, June 7 through Friday, June 11 at the auditor’s office.

This year the primary election will be held Tuesday, Aug. 17 and the general election is Tuesday, Nov. 2. There are several offices that are open for election in Okanogan County. These include Okanogan County Commissioner Position 3 currently held by two-term Commissioner Mary Lou Peterson. Peterson announced recently she would not be seeking a return to office. Jackie Bradley, who has held the office of Okanogan County Court Clerk for many terms, has also stated she will not be running this election. The other offices open for filing include county assessor, auditor, prosecuting attorney, sheriff and treasurer. All are partisan positions.

Both District Court Judge positions are also open, with Judge David Edwards announcing that he is stepping down from the bench in position 2. These are non-partisan positions. Another non-partisan position, that of Okanogan County PUD Commissioner Position 3, is also open for election this year.

All Declaration of Candidacy Forms for these offices must be in the auditor’s office by 4 p.m. June 11, 2010, according to press release from Mila Jury, an election official with the Okanogan County Auditor’s Office.

Candidates this year can complete the Declaration of Candidacy form in a number of different ways, according to Jury. They may:

• Complete the paper Declaration of Candidacy form and pay the filing fee in the auditors office. This is the way filing has been done in the past.

• Come into the auditor’s office and complete the Declaration of Candidacy form on a kiosk and pay the filing fee.

• Complete the Declaration of Candidacy form online from a home computer and pay the filing fee in the auditor’s office. Filing fees must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, June 11, 2010.

Candidates wishing to complete their Declaration of Candidacy from home will go to the county website ( and click on Auditor and then follow the links, according to Jury.

“Since Precinct Committee Officers no longer need to pay a filing fee, filing from home will be easy and quick,” the press release says.

The auditor’s office is encouraging all candidates to try the new method of filing and complete the Declaration of Candidacy from home. “Just be sure to pay the filing fee, if any, before Friday, June 11th, at 4:00 PM in the Auditors Office.”

Candidates will also be given the opportunity to submit a statement and picture to appear in the online voter guide. To see the guide and other information about elected officials, go to, click on myvote, and enter your name and birthdate.

A Special 3-Day Filing Period will be held from Wednesday, June 16 through June, 18 if needed. This special three-day filing period is for offices for which no one filed during the regular filing period. A list will be compiled at the end of the regular filing period that will indicate any offices that are still open.

Declaration of Candidacy Forms for offices that are statewide or involve more than one county, are filed with the Secretary of State in Olympia. For more State candidate filing information go to the Secretary of State web site at

In the Seventh Legislative District, which includes most of Okanogan County, the four-year term senate seat currently held by Bob Morton is open for election, as are both seats in the House of Representatives. Shelly Short (Position 1) and Joel Kretz (Position 2) currently hold these offices. The House position is for a two-year term. Part of Okanogan County is also in the 12th Legislative District. Those who reside in the 12th District will have the opportunity to elect two candidates to the House of Representatives for two-year terms. Cary Condotta (Position 1) and Mike Armstrong (Position 2) currently hold these offices.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to uphold I-872 resulted in Washington State’s Top Two Primary. The impact of this new system involves some important points for prospective candidates, according to Jury. These changes only apply to partisan offices and not to nonpartisan offices, Precinct Committee Officers or the office of President. Candidates may indicate a political party preference on the Declaration of Candidacy or select no party preference; a candidate’s preference will apply to both the primary and general elections. No nomination or endorsement by a party either before or after filing is required.