Bear seems to have hit the trail

Rumor has it the bear has been spotted up by the dam

OROVILLE – There have been reports of a wounded bear in the Oroville near the Similkameen Trailhead which to the state Department of Fish & Wildlife calling in a hunter.

“I spoke to the hunter contracted by DFW. I was advised the open contract on the bear expired on the 19th,” said Oroville Police Chief Mike Langford.

Langford said he was also advised that there had not been a sign of the bear since it was first spotted.

“The case has been closed and as far as anyone knows that particular bear is no longer in the area. At least that is the way it appears,” said the police chief.

Oroville Mayor Jon Neal said he spoke about the bear with Maurice Goodall at a recent Okanogan Council of Government meeting, with Okanogan County Emergency Management.

“[He] said the same as the chief. Rumor has it it has been spotted up by the dam, but that is just hearsay,” said Neal.