NW Pasayten Wilderness Complex Fires final update

Six wilderness fires have burned a total of 17,998 acres

WENATCHEE – Fire activity on the NW Pasayten Complex fires has significantly decreased in the past several days with changing weather conditions.

Although the recent wet weather and increased moisture in the area have slowed the six fires that have been burning in the northwest portion of the Pasayten Wilderness, trail and area closures remains in effect.

The lightning-caused fires have been burning in very remote, steep and inaccessible terrain since Sept. 6. They are located in the northwest corner of the Pasayten Wilderness, south of the Canadian border and east of Ross Lake on the Methow Ranger District.

Firefighters have been monitoring fire behavior and progression and providing point protection measures to wilderness values that are at risk such as cabins, footbridges, the Pasayten Airstrip, Monument 83, and lookout. With the recent increase in humidity and cloud cover, minimal fire behavior has been observed. However, these fires will continue to burn until the fire area receives significant moisture or snow.

Currently, the six wilderness fires have burned a total of 17,998 acres and include the:

· Elbow Fire – 55 acres

· Kid Fire – 3,797 acres

· Parks Fire – 12,163 acres

· Shull Creek Fire – 426 acres

· Skagit Fire – 445 acres

· Three Fools Fire – 1,112 acres

Trails and camps in the fire area will remain closed until forest personnel are able access the area and assess the fire impacts and safety of trail conditions.

This will be the final published update unless there is significant activity to report. For an update on current fire conditions, please call the Forest’s fire information number at 509-557-0973. To check on the current status of trail and area closures, please visit the Okanagan-Wenatchee NF website at Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest – Alerts & Notices (usda.gov), the Forest’s Facebook page at U.S. Forest Service – Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest | Facebook, or contact the Methow Ranger District Office at 509-996-4000.