Fat-Burning Gene Review (FITera) Fast Track to Fat Loss? [Kriss Berg]

Losing weight is not an easy process. Anyone struggling with losing weight understands the difficulty of getting into good shape, especially if it takes too long. Most weight loss procedures require one to have more commitment and willpower to help lose weight. Maintaining a high level of dedication is difficult. Therefore, many people give up on the struggle.

Health experts are now developing programs to help people shed excess weight by adjusting their favorite meals and snacks. These changes allow you to continue enjoying your favorite meals without changing the whole diet.

What is The Fast Track to Fat Loss Program?

Fast Track to Fat Loss is an ultimate program that helps you shed excess weight from the body. The developer, Kriss Berg, claims that following the program allows you to attain your weight loss goals in 12 weeks. Kriss Berg states that people struggle with weight loss because of an inactive fat-burning gene.

The program claims to correct the issue by activating the gene. It recommends the right foods that trigger the weight loss process. The program does not insist on erasing the foods you love but provides a better alternative for preparing and eating them.

The program provides unique recipes that help people struggling with an emotional relationship with junk foods.

How Does The Fast Track to Fat Loss Program Work

Most people living in the United States struggle with obesity. The struggle is not only superficial but comes with several other health issues. Most people resort to conventional weight loss methods such as exercising and strict diets. However, these traditional methods do not offer long-lasting solutions since they require high dedication to achieve the ultimate goal.

Fast Track to Fat Loss program claims that it provides one with everything you need to lose at least ten pounds every week. The program helps you to identify what to do without guessing. It also provides you with the right food combinations to achieve the best results.

What Does The Fast Track to Fat Loss Contain?

Fast Track to Fat Loss Program

This program includes several eBooks and videos to help your weight loss journey. The eBooks contained in the program include:

  • Six simple keys to fat loss
  • Top five meals, snacks, and desserts

Meal Planner

The meal planner helps you prepare your favorite meals in a manner that will boost the weight loss process.

Workout Videos

Members will have access to unlimited workout videos, which are easy to follow. These simple workouts will only take fifteen minutes of your time. They do not require any specialized equipment or room to perform them.

Membership in an Online Supportive Community

You will get instant membership to an online support group. The group contains other people going through the same program as you.

Fat Loss Research

It contains studies on fat loss. These studies are updated weekly to allow you to get the latest information on your weight loss journey.

Goal Planner

The goal planner contains easy-to-follow daily tasks to help you stay on track.

Motivational Weekly Challenges

The weekly motivational challenges allow you to win additional prizes of up to $1500.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Fast Track to Fat Loss Program?

  • It allows you to shed excess weight without avoiding your favorite meals
  • It provides you with alternative recipes on how to prepare your best meals
  • The workout routines contained in the program are easy to follow
  • The program activates the fat-burning gene without exercise or strict diet plans
  • It provides you with access to studies done on weight loss
  • It helps you lose more than 10 pounds weekly
  • The program provides information on how to increase metabolism and burn excess fats.

Where to Purchase Fast Track to Fat Loss Program

The Fast Track to Fat Loss program is available only on the official website. The original price of the program is $19.95. However, the company offers buyers a coupon code that reduces the total cost to $6.95. This offer will only last for a limited time, and buyers are requested to sign up immediately to enjoy it. Users get instant access to the program since it comes in digital format.

The program works for everyone. Users need to follow every step provided in the program for effective results. However, members will also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee. Unsatisfied users can claim a refund if the program does not help them lose weight within thirty days. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@fitera.com
  • Phone: (866) 796-7204
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 11 AM – 4 PM PST (excluding US holidays)

Final Thoughts on The Fast Track to Fat Loss Program

Fast Track to Fat Loss is a unique program that helps people struggling with obesity achieve their fitness goals. The program provides straightforward procedures that help you enjoy your favorite meals while burning excess fat. Users will experience drastic changes in the body without giving up on their favorite meals. One only needs to adjust their recipes and add ingredients that trigger the fat-burning process.


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