DadStrong Back to You Blueprint Reviews – How Effective Is This Program?

Back to You Blueprint Workout Program, priced at $149, is designed to help unlock your testosterone receptors and flood your DNA with testosterone in minutes. You can eliminate years of body fat, build lean, appealing muscle, and enjoy consistent everyday energy. And, beginning with your first workout, you’ll replace the stubborn flabby body with a more fit and active one as it was before you gained weight.

How Back to You Blueprint Works

The Back To You Blueprint works this way:

  • Each workout in this regimen lasts 21 minutes.
  • Each workout is divided into three 7-minute stages.

Phase 1-Testosterone Receptor Activation

You’ll activate your body’s testosterone receptors in the first 7 minutes of your workout. Your testosterone receptors are primarily in your shoulders, upper chest, and upper back. This phase is crucial because studies show that active testosterone receptors are more important for getting the best results than movements that only increase testosterone levels.

Phase 2-Testosterone Release

You want to undertake testosterone-releasing activities now that you’ve opened your testosterone receptors. In this manner, testosterone reaches those freshly opened testosterone receptors, enters your DNA, and provides maximum testosterone surge during your workout. As a result, it is simpler to burn fat, develop muscle, heal and regain lost vitality and libido. According to research, training your shoulders, upper chest, and upper back are the best ways to activate your testosterone receptors. Lower-body activities are the most effective at increasing testosterone production. As a result, this phase will mostly incorporate lower body or whole body motions.

Phase 3- Fat Burn Finisher

This segment of your workout will consist of high-intensity cardio. Increasing your heart rate is critical for fat loss. And studies suggest that short spans of fat-burning cardio provide the most optimum results. High-intensity exercise has been demonstrated to enhance metabolism and fat loss for up to 48 hours following a workout. As a result, they will assist you in losing a significant amount of fat and remaining in fat-burning mode long after your workout is completed.

What’s Included In The Back to You Blueprint?

  • A 30-day training regimen will help you burn fat, gain muscle, and feel more confident.
  • A simple approach to getting a lean, sculpted, and muscular body without bulky spine-crushing weights, noisy gyms, or even having to leave your living room if you don’t want to
  • A 21-minute fitness resolution to shed years of stubborn fat. Also, you can start with top muscle-building workouts that are shockingly simple and that don’t leave you weary and sore the rest of the day.
  • Exercises that are not hard on your joints while being fierce on your fat cells.
  • The best testosterone booster activities for guys to do at home promote faster and more significant muscle growth while requiring fewer workout sessions.

Back To You Blueprint Nutrition Guide

Using the Back To You Blueprint over the next 30 days, you’ll do the best at-home workouts to help you get in good shape and live a happy life. And when you combine the program with this essential nutrition guide, you’ll have a better-looking body in just 30 days.

Inside the Back To You Blueprint Nutrition Guide to will get:

  • A diet allows you to eat the way you want while losing belly fat.
  • A grocery list of the 90 top testosterone-boosting foods.
  • The greatest spices to add to a juicy steak or burger patty for an extra metabolic boost and fat reduction overnight.

Back To You Blueprint Exercise Execution Videos & Guide

If you want to achieve the best and fastest results from your workouts while saving time, then you must understand how to perform each exercise in the Back To You Blueprint. As a result, if you get your book now, you’ll receive step-by-step exercise execution videos and a pdf execution guide.

6 Vitality Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the quickest methods to replenish your body with the nutrients it requires to increase testosterone and burn fat. In addition, this bonus includes 6 Vitality Smoothies that will make you feel years younger and stronger with each sip.

Purchasing Back to You Blueprint

The Back to You Blueprint can be purchased from the official website for $37.

If this regimen does not improve your appearance within 60 days of purchase, or maybe it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@mitanutra.com
  • Phone: 1-888-773-0295

Back to You Blueprint Conclusion

This regimen is for men who want to gain muscle and lose fat but don’t have adequate time to go to the gym or prefer to work out at home. If that describes you, you must try this powerful new at-home solution, Back to You Blueprint, and you’ll look and feel better. You’ll notice a difference within seven days of commencing the fitness program.


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