BioRecharge Reviews: New Medical Sciences Hormonal Support

Various hormones play significant roles in vital physiological functions, including weight reduction, muscle preservation, and regulating hunger and stress levels. As such, hormonal imbalances may cause the body to lose its capacity to shed weight and remain healthy.

No one wants to be obese, but being obese should not mean the end of the world. Efforts can be made to shed all the extra weight that plagues the body. Supplements like BioRecharge may help shed excess weight.

What is BioRecharge?

BioRecharge is a new solution that helps improve the body’s metabolism, replenishes the level of energy in the body, and allows for overall wellbeing. BioRecharge Hormonal Support is a product of New Medical Sciences. It is an organic supplement that aids in the regulation of hormones and the production of energy.

The BioRecharge supplement is a 112mg proprietary blend of ingredients and plant extracts, and minerals that have the potential to enhance overall wellness and reduce your risk of disease. The ingredients in this dietary supplement offer essential benefits to the body. The ingredients impact the root cause of disease, allowing a more healthy life. With this fantastic nutritional breakthrough, the body’s hormone synthesis may be kept at an ideal equilibrium.

Life may be better with BioRecharge Hormonal Support. Enhancing health and general quality of life may be possible with the help of BioRecharge’s hormone support supplement. This supplement helps remove stress, fatigue, and worry from everyday living and allows users to live a vibrant life. And it’s also good for emotional wellbeing, which is a nice benefit of using the supplement. Resetting metabolism, increasing energy levels, and promoting AMPK are all benefits of taking this supplement. It also allows users to feel better all day long.

How Does BioRecharge Work?

One of the signs of aging is hormonal alterations, according to the MayoClinic, which are alterations that cause the slow synthesis of essential hormones like estrogen, leptin, or cortisol.

The body becomes excessively strained, causing slowed metabolism and lesser effective absorption of nutrients from meals.

The manufacturer of BioRecharge claims that the dietary supplement can correct the problems caused by hormone alterations. It does this by regulating hormone levels and boosting metabolism.

This product is a quick-acting supplement as the active ingredient to start working in the body soon after ingesting.

Ingredients in BioRecharge

Chromium 100mcg

When taken with a low carb diet, this element helps with weight loss, reduces inflammation, improves insulin response, and suppresses food cravings making it helpful in treating obesity.

Zinc 11mg

Zinc has been used for its ability to induce weight loss in the belly region. This element can be a significant player in the weight loss journey of individuals. Along with weight loss, zinc is an active thyroid supporter. Zinc also contributes to healthy digestion and metabolism.

EGCG 150mg

ECGC is a compound found in green tea and has been used widely for its metabolism-boosting capabilities. This ingredient is known for its ability to induce natural fat-burning metabolism. EGCG works by increasing the level of norepinephrine in the body, thereby reducing the amount of fat accumulated. EGCG allows for weight loss without the difficult work of extreme dieting and strenuous exercises.

The benefits of EGCG extend to maintaining healthy, tight, and smooth skin because of its catechin content.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 150mg

ALA has been dubbed the Universal Antioxidant. It has been studied for its ability to reduce neuropeptide-Y in the body and, consequently, burn more calories in the body. ALA has been found to contribute to significant weight loss when combined with lifestyle changes.

Resveratrol 40mg

Resveratrol has been popularized as an essential compound that facilitates weight loss through the inhibition of neuropeptide-Y. This ingredient is famous for its incredible ability to manage neuropeptide-Y levels effectively. Decreasing neuropeptide-Y levels causes the body to enter a state of lipolysis, causing tissue breakdown for energy generation.

Berberine HCL 100mg

This is a plant alkaloid that is popular for its numerous benefits. This botanical is known to inhibit the synthesis of fat in cells. Berberine has been studied for its supposed ability to manage neuropeptide-Y levels in the body and improving insulin sensitivity. This organic alkaloid also helps improve glucose tolerance in the body.

Berberine improves metabolism and causes quick fat burning without the stress of dieting and strenuous exercise.

Cayenne Pepper

This natural pepper may contribute to significant weight loss by speeding up metabolism and enabling fat burning. Cayenne Pepper is also thought to raise core body temperature, thus allowing easy fat burning.

BioRecharge Hormonal Support includes milk thistle, silymarin, Korean ginseng, aerial extract, ginsenosides, banaba leaf extracts, and corosolic acid.


Benefits of BioRecharge

The manufacturer of this product assures that using the BioRecharge Supplement regularly may allow consumers to enjoy a host of benefits.

These Benefits include:

  • The supply of energy facilitates rapid fat burning and weight loss to the body.
  • Supports weight loss by bringing hormones back into balance.
  • Enhances overall body metabolism.
  • Controls blood sugar levels and maintains a healthy balance in the synthesis of insulin.
  • It helps in weight reduction by decreasing cortisol levels and elevates mood by easing anxiety and stress.
  • Facilitates better sleep by increasing the production of sleep-causing hormones in the body.
  • Allows for the natural repair of stressed organs during sleep hours.
  • It makes life more enjoyable by removing annoying and severe pain.
  • Elevates mood and allows for more healthy living.

BioRecharge Pricing and Moneyback Guarantee

BioRecharge is available for purchase on the official website in three package options. These are:

  • One Bottle (30-Day Supply): $67.00 Each + Small Shipping Fee
  • Four Bottles (120-Day Supply): $33.50 Each Free US Shipping
  • Eight Bottles (240-Day Supply): $24.95 Each Free US Shipping

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs your purchase. The manufacturer promises that if you do not experience the marketed benefits of the supplement, you are entitled to a full refund of your money by contacting the customer support team from 9 AM – 9 PM EST Monday – Friday and 9 AM – 5 PM EST Saturday.

  • Email: customercare@newmedicalsciences.com
  • Phone: 1-888-210-5584
  • Direct Message: newmedicalsciences.com/contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is BioRecharge a safe product?

A: The manufacture of BioRecharge assures that it is entirely safe to take the supplement. BioRecharge contains only organic ingredients that have been tested for their efficacy. Furthermore, it is manufactured in a facility that the FDA has authorized using all GMP practices here in the United States.

Q: What is the best way to take BioRecharge?

A: BioRecharge is a dietary supplement that may be quickly taken. The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is two capsules every morning.


BioRecharge may be an effective hormone balancer that also works as a weight-loss product. The dietary supplement may help manage hormonal problems by regulating hormone synthesis, cleaning the blood, eliminating toxic substances from the bloodstream, and promoting better blood flow.

The ingredients in this formula work to offer essential health benefits. BioRecharge is easy to use and is suitable for everyone, and contributes to efficient metabolism. This supplement may enable you to get incredible results without risking money or wellbeing with the 60-day money-back guarantee that the manufacturer offers.


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