BigTime Pro Reviews – Should You Buy It or Waste of Money?

Technological advancement has edged out the period when analogue and single-purpose alarms were dominant in the market. Technological advancement has also created a way for more digitized, computerized multi purpose alarms, enabling users to enjoy their sleep to the core. Ever thought of an alarm with a light projection that can wake you from sleep without irritation and allows you to check the time while in bed and not running for your phone? BigTime Pro is a device that you may find very beneficial to you. The device may allow you to improve your sleep patterns with little effort.

What is BigTime Pro?

BigTime Pro is an advanced digital alarm clock with many amazing features that helps users improve their sleep quality with little effort. The device is built with a 180 degrees projection feature that makes users wake with a moderate amount of light.

With the BigTime Pro, rising from sleep or turning the body to check the time on the table or your phone will be a thing of the past. Rising during sleep is often characterized by sluggishness, tiredness, and disruptive sleep patterns. However, with BigTime Pro’s time projection feature, sleep quality may be incredibly improved.

The angle of the alarm’s projector is adjustable to a maximum value of 180 degrees, making it possible for users to see the time on the room’s ceiling without leaving the bed. The projection can reach a height of 5 meters, and the alarm clock has acclimating capabilities.

BigTime Pro may be the most complete alarm clock with its amazing range of built-in features, which includes a projector morning timer, USB charger, mirror and radio mode, moistures, and temperature control. The alarm is also customizable, making it possible for users to use the device as a table clock anywhere. BigTime Pro also has adjustable support, which makes it suitable for use anywhere.

BigTime Pro is gaining increased popularity and usage in homes and offices. The manufacturer is also getting increased positive ratings for the product, as shown on the official website.

Features and benefits of BigTime Pro

The manufacturer of BigTime Pro markets this device as one that has many useful features and benefits that buyers may enjoy. These include:

  • The device is built to consume very little energy
  • BigTime Pro works silently and doesn’t make the usual ticking sound that is common with other similar devices
  • BigTime Pro can also serve as a power bank, making it possible for users to charge other devices when the need arises
  • The design of BigTime Pro is modern and decorative, making it ideal for the beautification of homes and offices
  • The device’s projection range is 5m and can be rotated at an angle of 180 degrees
  • BigTime Pro has sensor controls for determining temperature and humidity levels
  • To ensure precision, time is measured in Quartz
  • The device has an LCD, and the display font is large and easy to see
  • The device may be used as a table dressing mirror as it has an inbuilt mirror
  • The manufacturer offers free delivery for every purchase
  • BigTime Pro has a connection system for audio and radio
  • The product is sold online on the official website of the manufacturer
  • A satisfaction guarantee of 100% and 14 days return time covers all products
  • The LCD screen has an adjustable brightness
  • Sales of the devices are directly from the manufacturer and have no middle salesmen, thus keeping prices low

BigTime Pro Pricing

The manufacturer of the BigTime Pro alarm clock is presently offering up to 50% discount to buyers who purchase the alarm. The device comes with free delivery and is sold in three categories. The manufacturer also makes available bonus offers for buyers to enjoy. This promotion is packaged as ‘buy 3 get 2 free and buy 2 get 1 free:

  • 1 piece of BigTime Pro @ $59
  • 2 pieces of BigTime Pro @ $45
  • 4 pieces of BigTime Pro @ $33

Bonus offers

  • Buy 2 BigTime Pro @ $37 each & Get 1 free
  • Buy 3 BigTime Pro @ $30 each & Get 2 for free


BigTime Pro is an advanced digital clock that functions to help users sleep and wake well without oversleeping or waking roughly. Simply looking at the ceiling makes it possible to check the time without the room being filled with too much light. The clock performs multiple functions, including charging, temperature and humidity control. The product is gaining increasing popularity in usage and reviews from users. The make of the clock is modern and decorative, meaning it can be purchased for its aesthetics.

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