StopWatt Reviews: Is Stop Watt Power Saver Scam or Legit Power Factor Correction Device?

According to the manufacturer, every home can benefit from an improvement in efficiency by reducing dirty electricity, energy waste, and energy costs. This is made possible by StopWatt’s proprietary technology, which is designed to provide any home with consistent power. In other words, this device reportedly can:

Quickly and easily maintain the stability of the electrical current in any home

Eliminate dangerous and unclean electricity

Take precautions to preserve and extend the life of electronics and home appliances

How Does StopWatt Work?

StopWatt combines breakthrough power stabilization technology (EST) with power factor correction to improve the efficiency of power flow in every home while stabilizing energy flow. It also helps reduce exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMF /EMR) generated by wireless devices. This means that the amount of unclean energy flowing through power cables is reduced. In addition, StopWatt uses state-of-the-art capacitors to minimize dangerous power surges that could potentially cause damage to electronics and appliances in the home. StopWatt is also the only power factor device that meets RoHS standards in addition to UL approval. The great thing about it’s that it can be installed anywhere, from houses and apartments to commercial spaces and gyms. This device is useful in any environment where electricity is present.

How to Use StopWattt?

The following steps should be followed if you want to use StopWatt:

The device must be plugged in. After plugging StopWatt into an available outlet or power strip, make sure the indicator light is green. The device will take care of everything else. That’s how quickly more money goes into the user’s pocket!

No worries about maintenance. No wires or batteries are required when using StopWatt, and there are no additional fees or costs to worry about.

Enjoy. The place where StopWatt is installed will consume less and less electricity, not to mention that you can enjoy the other benefits of the device. It’s recommended to use 1 StopWatt unit per 1500 square feet of space. This can save up to 57% on electricity costs.

What Do People Have to Say about StopWatt?

There are many positive reviews of the product on StopWatt’s official website. So let’s take a look at what people have to say about this device here as well.

Kevin Holmes from St. Louis, MO, says that he’ll be a StopWatt customer for life, as he can’t believe how much money he was able to save thanks to the device. He’s also very pleased that he doesn’t have to do anything to use this device other than plug it in. When Kevin and his wife received their first bill since installing StopWatt, they were amazed that they’d saved $35. And it was all uphill from there, he says.

Tracy Wolfson of Orlando, FL, says she’s no idea how it all works, but the cost savings are substantial. Tracy is also saddened by those who’ve doubts about this product. And once again, she reiterates that while she doesn’t know exactly how StopWatt works, she can confirm that the cost reductions are real.

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Brenda Shearer of Syracuse, NY, reports how she was able to turn a profit in 4 months with StopWatt. It’s not often that Brenda writes reviews, but she just can’t help sharing her “results” with everyone. She was able to save $33 in the first month, $45 in the second month, and $50 in the third month. She says if those numbers don’t qualify as a convincing recommendation, she doesn’t know what does!

Thomas Crowder of Oklahoma City, OK, insists that there aren’t many things in life that are obvious, but using StopWatt is one of them. Thomas ended up buying three of these devices, as he placed one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the area where he spends most of his time with his family. After 5 months, he can say without hesitation that he’s undoubtedly been able to save at least $50 every month. Thomas believes that StopWatt is the best choice and that everyone needs a handful of them.


How Much Does StopWatt Cost?

StopWatt can only be purchased from the product’s official website, where it’s currently available at the following prices:

  • 1 StopWatt for $59
  • 2 StopWatt units for $99
  • 3 StopWatt units for $135

Regardless of the number of units purchased, shipping to the US is offered on all orders for FREE. The product also comes with a money-back guarantee, which means that customers can receive a refund if they aren’t satisfied with how StopWatt works. For more information about this warranty and the product, customers can call or email:

  • (877) 636-6738
  • support@stopwatts.com

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