Salary raises were unconscionable

Dear Editor,

I can no longer remain quiet on the issue of the Assisted Living closing in Tonasket. After sitting back and observing and reading about what is taking place at the hospital, I feel compelled to address the hospital board and all the high paid administrative staff. To all of you I have only one question: How do you sleep at night?

It has been no secret that finances are not adding up at this facility for some time. The warrants continue to drag out, and yet the top nine paid positions have received over $288,000 in raises in the past two years? What ever happened to the old mantra that those at the top bear the ultimate responsibility? Everyone demands this of our country’s president, why not CEO’s, and other top officials in publicly financed institutions? I think all of you are responsible for this mess, and to take pay raises to already high salaries in a time of fiscal crisis is unconscionable, and a disgrace. You should all be very ashamed of yourselves, and if you had any class or honor at all, you would submit your resignations immediately. You owe the taxpayers of this county nothing less.

Another thing that defies understanding is the creation of a new position that draws a $91,500.00/year salary, the Ancillary Director. What on earth is that position, and why did it get created and funded, again during a time of fiscal crisis?

At a time when most people in your county are struggling to just make ends meet, taking huge salary increases, then claiming there was no alternative to closing the Assisted Living facility, just makes me sick. Again, you are all a disgrace to our community.

If you wish to respond to me in person, my number is in the phone book, and I would welcome your response.

Rick Braman