Hearing a study in contrasts

Dear Editors,

I don’t know if you guys were at the hearings for Hospital District #4 but the audience was a study in contrast. One side of the room was the defense with their smug smiles and dressed to kill happy to be there on the taxpayers dime, including their attorney. The other, mostly elderly with the run of the mill community members that have to work for a living in obvious distress trying to regain control of a their insubordinates and keep their elders home.

Regardless of what the hospital commissioners have be trying to shove down the public’s gullet there is some obvious mismanagement, neglect and what a perfect example of waste, Just what were the managers doing there?! But lets not forget the abuse. The abuse of public funds the abuse of public trust and now the abuse of the public system.

I commend the petitioners for not falling for the trap and taking the financial hit for not doing so. And for heaven sake Administration, go to work or get out! Maybe if your look less days off, cut down on your management retreats and “training’s” you could get some work done! Or if your need that much “training” move over and let someone competent get the job done! You know there’s another public system you can live off and get free training that wouldn’t cost the tax payers quite so much money and so many services.

There seems to be more than one kind of wolf we have to worry about in this county and they obviously run it packs too.

Lyle Massey