Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12, 2012

Do they really want an answer?

Dear Editor,
Since the beginnings of Christianity there have been religious wars and conflicts, Christians against Christians of different denominations – and it is still happening in many places in our world.
I certainly can understand why there are so many people who are atheist or agnostic and find it hard to believe in a power greater than themselves. When they see a denomination saying all others are Satan’s ground except theirs, false evangelists or priests being arrested for being child molesters, a Reverend destroying his whole congregation and himself, or a wacko from Waco calling himself the Lamb of God and seducing young girls and women and many of his followers died believing in what he was.
Should I throw all my faith in a golden angel on top of a building blowing a horn, or refuse a blood transfusion because a demon might enter me even if it would cost me my life and jeopardize the people I care about.
Or should I just accept the theory that two pieces of dust decided to create a man and think of nothing else!
If I put a rattlesnake around my neck and it doesn’t bite me. Does that mean I am saved?
Let’s get real, there are Christians in all denominations and likewise some are not Christians.
If all denominations really want an answer they have to start moving together and prepare themselves for one answer, by magnifying the grace of one power.
Jerry Hutchins

Trampling the little guy

Dear Editor,
I’ve come to the conclusion that Steve Lorz and millions of others were either in a coma the first eight years of this century, were brainwashed beyond repair by the Bush terror scam, or they really are ignorant backwater hicks as he jokingly referred to himself in the past.
Dubya’s legacy is one man’s bane, the next man’s saga. No wonder the polarization grows daily. We as “the people” are being more disagreeable to each other with every tick of the clock.
As the Republicans scramble for a legitimate candidate, they have put the needs of most Americans in a burlap bag and buried it under layers of hate for Obama. As the time winds down and they get more desperate, they must be concerned with the field of clowns in the running. A last minute Hitler relative may be their choice. Someone who can carve and slice at the middle and lower classes with no remorse – with glee, as they “fix” America. Just trample the little guy. We are their problem.
I know some of you hate my opinions, but I don’t plan on stopping. Just a break now and then. I should change my name to Jack, because I pop up every time something turns my crank.
Dan Dixon