Letters to the Editor, April 27, 2017

Styrofoam is hazardous

Dear Editor,

Our Senior Center switched to Styrofoam soup bowls. The following articles warn that this may be a health hazard, and is most assuredly an environmental hazard:

“Styrofoam contains the chemical styrene, which has been linked to cancer, vision and hearing loss, impaired memory and concentration, and nervous system effects…the list goes on. What happens when you eat hot foods or drink liquids from styrofoam plates and cups is the styrene leaches out of the Styrofoam and into our bodies.

Styrene is such a problematic chemical, it’s included on our Hazardous 100+ list that we’re encouraging retailers to move away from.

Like many chemicals, we know about their health effects from worker exposures. Prolonged effects of chronic styrene exposure that many manufacturing workers face include: depression, chronic headaches, fatigue, and weakness, and minor effects on kidney function and blood. The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration and the EPA are aware of styrene’s negative effects, but have yet to successfully limit its usage. This is one of many reasons we need policy reform of OSHA and TSCA to protect our American workforce.”


James Gutschmidt


Can’t turn our backs on them

Dear Editor,

Just got blown away by an announcement from our dear friends here in town. And it perturbs me beyond reason. The City of Tonasket ie, the mayor and city council, have decided to evict our friends Jim Rice and Lois Rice from city property where they have lived for approx 25 years. He is a retired city cop with close to 30 years of honorable service to the city.

I’m praying that this is not some vendetta against them and that they will receive enough pressure to rescind the order. Small town politics can be quite harsh but this is beyond comprehension. I will admit I’ve only heard one side and have not seen any written agreement. But throwing a near 70-year-old city retiree out on the street is no way to thank a retired cop They faithfully have acted as good land stewards where they were allowed to place their home.

I urge anyone who knows them to put pressure on the mayor (Patrick Plumb) and the city council to let them stay right where they are.

Yes, I’m taking sides, they would give anyone the shirts off their backs to help you. Its time to stand up and help them. We can’t turn our backs on someone who has given so much to our Great little city. Please share this as you may have more local folks on your friends list. God bless.

Bobby Penney


Foster Parent Appreciation

Dear Editor,

Did you know that May is National Foster Parent Appreciation Month? There are nearly 9,000 children currently in foster care in Washington State. Children enter foster care at no fault of their own. Most children in foster care have endured some form of abuse/neglect which made conditions unsafe to remain in their home.

Thankfully, there are caring adults who choose to become foster parents. Foster parents are willing to open their hearts and homes to the children in foster care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Foster parents provide the safety, love and nurturing that every child deserves, at a time when that child needs them the most.

FosteringWA recruits, and supports, foster parents. FosteringWA salutes all of the foster parents who have answered the call to care for our most vulnerable citizens, children who have experienced abuse/neglect.

If you live in eastern Washington and have ever wondered about how to become a foster parent, please contact FosteringWA at 1-877-620-5748. All are welcome to inquire but foster parents are especially needed who speak Spanish and/or are willing to care for sibling groups, children aged 12 and older, children with special needs, children who identify as LGBTQ, and infants who have prenatal exposure to drugs/alcohol.

Hayley Stoebner