Is this truly the direction we want our country to go?

There is a revolution going on in our country. It’s not a new struggle but it should now be clear for all to see. The question posed by this revolution is just who can best provide for the needs of our citizens – the government or private industry?

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Dumping capitalizam for other failed economic systems

Obama and his Democrat partners in Washington are working hard to make the new economy described in one of those progressive columns I ran a few weeks ago calling for a “new design for the economy,” a reality. Having taken over the banks and the car industry, they have now set their sites on the health care industry. They apparently plan to regulate wages, especially for the fat cat executives and to tell all of these greedy businesspeople how to run their companies.

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Other Voices

Proposed legislation to cut levy equalization stopped – for now

Whoever said, “the best is always saved for last” got it wrong! This past legislative session had a record number of new laws passed – 583 – and one of the worst bills to come up for debate in the final hour of the legislative session was House Bill 1776. This proposal would have cut $60 million from levy equalization funding and allowed wealthy school districts to make up the money by increasing property tax levy lids by four percent, or up to 35 percent.

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Campaign of disinformation won’t relieve anger

I have never read anything so lacking in journalistic integrity as the opinion in last week’s edition of The Chronicle. 

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The first golden shovels-full of dirt were turned by local dignitaries last week at the ground breaking ceremony for the North Valley Hospital expansion and remodeling project. Photo by Gary DeVon

Out of My Mind 7

New and improved hospital will benefit North County community for years to come

Many of us breathed an inward sigh of relief when we saw those first golden shovels-full of dirt being turned by local dignitaries marking the reality of North Valley Hospital’s expansion plans.

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Out of My Mind 6

Few bad apples could spoil it for all dog owners

Oroville’s second annual Kite Day was a huge success with over 100 kids and kites taking flight this year at Bud Clark Memorial Ball Fields. However, the biggest disappointment was the fact that participants had to watch where they stepped because of irresponsible dog owners who have let their animals use the park as a toilet.

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Response has been overwhelming

The early response to my “blank page” opinion piece has been quite overwhelming. I have not tallied the actual survey entries yet, but will do that this week and report back next week (assuming my wife’s birthday celebrations don’t take too much of my editing time!).

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Out of My Mind 5

Discussionon school financial picture needs to continue

The news is gloomy all over when it comes to schoolfinances in Washington State. It looks like each school district will be askedto cut as much as 30 percent from their budgets. After paying for academicprograms and fixed costs, this won’t leave a lot for extracurriculars,according to Oroville Superintendent Ernie Bartelson.

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Obama’s campaign of political disinformation

Wikipedia defines disinformation as the deliberate spreading of false information in order to deflect voter support from an opponent. Obama’s campaign has engaged in attacks on the credibility and character of anyone who would dare challenge his campaign, but it has also distorted the truth of Obama’s political agenda.

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Out of My Mind 4

Economiccrisis certainly not the fault of the little guy

            Some wouldhave you believe it’s the little guy’s fault we are in this current economicmess which is all too quickly spreading beyond our shores to the rest of theworld. Some would also have you believe it was those crafty little guys takingadvantage of the poor naive mortgage companies who didn’t really want to lendmoney to people who may not be able to pay it back should they start to jack upthe interest rate on the little guy’s loan. Who are they trying to convince?

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