Illegal entry of Canadian bruins

Dear Editor,

Why did the Border Patrol get involved too late with Dennis smuggling in the grizzlies from Canada?

The three wise men Shadrack, Meshack and To Bed We Go were watching the stars and David was chasing Bethsheba and the grizzlies ate all the sheep.

Now the wise men, Don, Ray and Dale had to do something to make a living so began raising cows and they needed some help who knew the country and hired Daniel and Double Wrap who kept seeing these piles of Shoo fly Pie and wondered what it was. Now Daniel, the wisest of all, also played the part of what’s up Dear Watson and proved the Shoo fly Pie was Bruin scat, from Dennis’ illegal entry of Canadian bruins cause both Daniel and Don saw the maker? Of said scat.

Gordon pass on this, you’ll never understand or over stand this one.

The wisest of all, Daniel the bear hunter,

Bill Petry